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Clarification on partitive article


I'm early on in learning French and have no experience with it before Duolingo. I try to write a lot of examples in my own notebook for extra practice and came across this confusion in the grammar notes after the Food lesson.

The partitive article that refers to a feminine noun is 'de la.' The example sentence given is "Je mange de la viande" which translates in English to "I eat some meat." With meat I understand it as one does not eat "a meat," one eats "some meat."

While trying to invent new examples I tried out "Tu manges de la carotte" as 'la carotte' is also a feminine noun. Is this a proper sentence? Or does it need to be "carottes?" And if so does anything else in the sentence need to be pluralized for agreement? Typically I would say "I eat a carrot" or "I eat some carrots." I can see how "I eat some carrot" could still be proper, it's just a little unusual sounding to me and I don't know which is most correct for French usage.


September 3, 2017



If you want to say that you eat some carrots:

vous mangez/tu manges des carottes

Des is for the plural noun regardless of gender and des means some. Carottes is the plural of carrot.


Ah, I guess this lesson had not yet introduced 'des' yet so I was going a little too fast. That makes sense.


Only one r in French: carottes.


Merci pour corriger!


Tu manges des carottes = You eat (some) carrots

Tu manges la carotte = You eat the carrot

Tu manges les carottes = You eat the carrots.


Yes, and we can add:

Tu manges une carotte = You eat a carrot.

Tu manges quelques carottes = You eat some/a few carrots.


I am little more than a beginner, but I believe it is ''Tu manges la carrotte.'' However, I may not be correct.


I think that's correct and I'm just thinking of too many different possible ways to say it, each slightly different.


Remember, partitive aticles are used for unspecified amounts of uncountable nouns such as water, meat etc. Carrots, becuase they can be counted, do not use partitive articles.


Yes, but the rule is not as strict as that. Ex: Je mange un pain/une baguette/un gâteau. Je mange du pain/de la baguette/du gâteau.

'Je mange de la carotte' is correct, but very unusual (just like 'I eat carrot' in English).

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