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  5. Somehow lost my streak??


Somehow lost my streak??

I just went in to discover I lost my streak has been lost. It was over 630 days and I'm very upset. I could swear I practiced yesterday AND I had a streak freeze. I don't understand what has happened??? Does anyone know where I can ask about this??

September 3, 2017



Sorry you lost your streak.

Where are you located or what time zone are you in? I can run a report that shows what was recorded on the Duolingo servers based on your extended profile.


I'm in the UK, GMT time zone. I just don't understand how it could happen. I guess I could have forgotten to practice (I don't think I did, but since I practice every day obviously the memories sort of run together) but to forget AND to somehow not have my streak freeze, which I bought ages ago, work? I don't understand :(


It looks like your Streak Freeze was used Thursday and you missed Saturday.

It may be that you did three lessons Thursday but closed the app or web site before the XP for the third one could be recorded.

Extended profile information for LynxO_O extracted from:


Current streak: 0
Last streak: 631
Days ago: 2
Streak Freeze: Not currently equipped
Daily goal: 30
Account created: ~1 year ago
Streak Repair available (Android/iOS only): True
Lingots: 2193

XP registered for each session in the last 7 days of practice: (GMT)
10 at Sun Aug 27 11:05:41
10 at Sun Aug 27 11:07:35
10 at Sun Aug 27 11:08:55
10 at Mon Aug 28 22:57:34
10 at Mon Aug 28 23:00:33
10 at Mon Aug 28 23:06:09
10 at Tue Aug 29 20:31:28
10 at Tue Aug 29 20:36:21
10 at Tue Aug 29 20:45:13
10 at Wed Aug 30 23:47:53
10 at Wed Aug 30 23:50:39
10 at Wed Aug 30 23:53:41
10 at Thu Aug 31 21:10:41
10 at Thu Aug 31 21:18:29
10 at Fri Sep 01 20:20:26
10 at Fri Sep 01 21:01:20
10 at Fri Sep 01 21:07:11
13 at Fri Sep 01 21:12:01
10 at Sun Sep 03 21:16:28
10 at Sun Sep 03 21:18:55


So according to this, I lost my streak freeze on the 31st without realizing it? I still don't get it! I was in the middle of practicing and somehow the XP wasn't registered? This is so incredibly frustrating. I worked hard to keep it going that long :( I've seen other people be offered their streak back for a price and I'd honestly be willing, but I haven't even been offered it :(

Thanks for checking, anyway :(


Unfortunately, there is no notification that it is used.

Streak Repair is only offered in the recent versions of the Android and iOS apps. If you have a supported device, try running the app. The report shows you are eligible to purchase it.

Here's my standard advice on keeping a streak:

You need to make sure your XP is registered each day, if you want to ensure that your streak continues. Completing a lesson each day is not sufficient because you may have had connectivity issues with the Duolingo servers, or you may have closed the app or web page before the XP could register.

To double-check that my XP was registered, I refresh the Duolingo web site after using it or the app. The two things I check are that the flame icon has the check mark on it and my streak number has increased as expected.


Sometimes it takes a while for my streak to update on the site after I complete my lesson.

I don't know how long for a Streak Repair, but give it a little time.

Duolingo could improve their communication in a lot of areas. Still, we persevere!

I have seen people post whose Streak Repairs didn't work. You can submit a bug report, if that is the case. Google for Duolingo bug report.

Your last recourse is to dispute the charge with Google or Apple, if it doesn't get repaired.

Good luck!


We've reached the maximum indent for a discussion, so I have to reply to my own post :/

Things you can check:

  • Do you currently have Internet connectivity on your device?

  • Do you have a payment method set up on your device with Apple or Google?

  • Is there an update for the app in the corresponding app store?

  • Does rebooting your device help?

I've never used a Streak Repair or seen someone else use one, so I don't know the specifics of how it works. I think the offer stays around for a couple of days.


So I tried it with my tablet and it does allow me to to a streak repair! Yay! I've paid the amount and got the receipt in my email that it has been paid, but the streak isn't back. I don't suppose you know how long this takes to happen? I assumed it would be instantaneous?


I'm looking at the App and I see a "Streak Repair" special offer but underneath it there's just a blue rectangle, and nothing happens when I click it :(


Thank you! This is pretty ❤❤❤❤❤❤, but I appreciate the support :)

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