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  5. Somehow lost my streak??


Somehow lost my streak??

I just went in to discover I lost my streak has been lost. It was over 630 days and I'm very upset. I could swear I practiced yesterday AND I had a streak freeze. I don't understand what has happened??? Does anyone know where I can ask about this??

September 3, 2017



Sorry you lost your streak.

Where are you located or what time zone are you in? I can run a report that shows what was recorded on the Duolingo servers based on your extended profile.


I'm in the UK, GMT time zone. I just don't understand how it could happen. I guess I could have forgotten to practice (I don't think I did, but since I practice every day obviously the memories sort of run together) but to forget AND to somehow not have my streak freeze, which I bought ages ago, work? I don't understand :(

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