"De Eerste en Tweede Kamer hebben samen de wetgevende macht in Nederland."

Translation:The Senate and the House of Representatives have the legislative power together in the Netherlands.

1 year ago


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The suggested answer above would be a more accurate translation of: 'De Senaat en het Huis van Verteenwoordigers hebben samen de wetgevende macht in Nederland.'? My translation: 'The First and Second Chamber together, have the legislative power in the Netherlands.' was accepted and being a more direct translation of the given Dutch sentence, I wonder why this is not the preferred answer (as opposed to the one above)?

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Waarom is het niet goed om 'together' voor 'have' te zetten in plaats van na ' power'

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This one I agree with you on, together should come before have as it's better English. At least, that's how one would read it in the newspapers here.

1 year ago
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