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1 Million for Esperanto from English!

The counter has just clicked over. There are now one million registered learners on Duolingo for Esperanto from English. I know not everyone finishes, but increasing numbers is still a good thing.

Esperanto from Spanish should be reaching a milestone of its own within a few days.

September 3, 2017



Finfine! Vivu la Esperanto!!!


I had the message ready before going to sleep, then forgot to check before rushing out in the morning. Esperanto is now 1 million strong +199k+ from Spanish. Unu miliono!

From about 540 a year ago, this is ~ 660k/year. Can we give lingots to the great Esperanto course contributors?

We are now waiting for the Portuguese>Esperanto to join the trinity.

I hope soon we will have reverse trees from Esperanto.

I'm glad I'm in this energetic community - unu grandan rondon familian.


Saluton! Esperanto is an easy language. I don't know English well and don't speak almost, but the case doesn't prevent to learn the peaseloving language by English. I hope will complete Esperanto nonstop.


You will improve English with the Esperanto course. Bonŝancon.


How useful is esperanto??


What is Esperanto? Is it Spanish?


It's not Spanish. Esperanto is the most widely spoken language designed for use between people who speak different native languages.


Good parts of Spanish, combined with the best of Italian/Latin, French, English/German, Russian/Polish and other EU/American ingredients, with simplicity appreciated in Asia and African warmth. Of course, everything good comes back as in Australia.

You are on track to enjoy it. :P


Bonan por Esperantistoj! Pardon por eraroj Mi estas komencanto!

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