"Do you need him?"

Translation:Braucht ihr ihn?

September 3, 2017

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The english does not specify number, so my rendering it as singular is also correct.


That is correct.

This is one of the sentences that is not supposed to be part of the public Duolingo course, but has spilled over from another effort, probably the cooperation with Pearson ( see https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24066422 ).

It should ideally be corrected to accept both Brauchst du ihn? and Brauchen Sie ihn?, which are also correct.


I wrote "Brauchst du ihn" and tried to report that "my answer should be accepted" but that was not available as a choice. Can you as a moderator report it through other channels? Also, the up/down voting arrows have not been working since the "updates" DL made. I mentioned it on the forum that announced the updates, over a month ago. Do you know whats going on with that and why it takes so long to make corrections?


Brauchst du ihn should be accepted now as far as I can tell; the exercise has been edited since my previous comment and now includes Brauchst du ihn and Brauchen Sie ihn as well.

If you come across this exercise again and Brauchst du ihn is rejected, can you make a screenshot, upload it somewhere, and link to here, please?

Also, where did you encounter the exercise? On the website or a mobile app -- if a mobile app, which one (e.g. Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, ...) and do you have the current version of that app?


I encounter this problem mobile app, du and Sie is not available to chiose.


This happened to me but didn't see request in time


(to know to take a shot of it)


You're amazing, man! :)

[deactivated user]

    Danke, mizinamo! :D


    This was really thankful. I spent an hour memorising the pronoun table and it was frustating for Duo to reject "Brauchst sie Ihn"


    it was frustating for Duo to reject "Brauchst sie Ihn"

    That is indeed wrong.

    The formal "you" is capitalised, and takes the verb forms of sie (they), e.g. Sie brauchen.

    sie brauchst is just wrong.

    And Ihn should not be capitalised.


    when do you use ihm and when do you use ihn??? thank you


    I think this should actually be "Brauchst du ihn?"


    Both Braucht ihr ihn? and Brauchst du ihn? are correct translations of "Do you need him?", so "should actually be" is wrong.


    how could I know if "you" is plural or singular. Both answers would be correct


    Yes, exactly. Pick either one and they should both be accepted.


    The verb form and the pronoun don't fit together.

    "Brauchst du?" to one person, "braucht ihr?" to several people.

    "Braucht du?" is not possible.


    Why cant it be braucht dich ihn?


    Why cant it be braucht dich ihn?

    That would give a verb with no subject and two objects.

    The subject of "need" is "you", so in German, it has to be du (nominative case) and the verb has to end in -st: Brauchst du ihn?


    why not singular? in English it is not clear if you is singular or plural


    in English it is not clear if you is singular or plural

    That's right. Which is why both translations are accepted.

    What was your entire answer? Did you use the correct verb form?


    If we assume 'ihn' is being used as a demonstrative pronoun, should "do you need it?" not be accepted?

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