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Resources to learn Korean.

Hello everyone. In this post I want to share several links about the Korean language. I think it is very important to have these resources to improve our learning. So I hope you find it helpful and you like it.


Video Korean Lessons:

Extra Resources:


YouTube Live Streaming:

Live Streaming and radios:

Korean Dramas:

Each program has its own age rating.

Other posts:

In Spanish:

In English:

If some of these links do not work, you can try another browser. I will upload more content soon. If you want you can follow me on my Duolingo Profile or on my TinyCards Profile

I´m sorry if my English is not very good but I still learning. :)

Please leave your comments, questions and / or suggestions.

Sincerely Ilvolover794.

September 4, 2017



Great job compiling some outside resources! If you're a beginner in the Korean language, I recommend watching anything you can on video. Also, OnDemand Korea has dramas, comedies, talk shows, etc. Even if you can't understand what they're saying, watch them to get your ear used to hearing Korean. As you begin to build vocabulary and grammar patters, I'd also recommend listening to Korean music - start out slow, with ballads/love songs before you jump right into the fast paced K-pop songs.

For any fans of Les Miserables, there's these:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5SQ6ZQngaA (One Day More flash mob)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OcpVuV9gxQ (On My Own)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEKcdWmHQC4 (Bring Him Home - w/ subtitles)

There's also a full production of Les Mis, looks like a college drama department production, somewhere on YouTube. Can't find it right now, but I've watched it before.

From the musical, Death Note:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6YjXYl1Aho (I'll Only Love You More)


Sorry, for not replying before, but I had problems with the internet connection. I started learning Korean recently and I want to thank you for your tips and suggestions. Thanks for the videos, I really like the musical theater.


Feel free to get inspiration from this list to complement your learning material.


Thank you very much for your suggestions.


Very cool, Ilvolover794; thanks for putting all of that together and sharing with us!


You're welcome, it was a pleasure to share these links with the Duolingo community.


좋은 게시글이네요! 아 저는 한국사람입니다.




What about the Duolingo Korean course?


It hasn't released yet. Wait and patience my friend.


I'm not being impatient; I'm wondering why go somewhere else when it's this close to being released?


The Duolingo course alone won't be enough to fully learn a language. These are just resources to help expose people to the language as much as possible.


Why go somewhere else when it's close to being released? It's because while Duolingo is awesome, just using it alone won't make you "fluent" (depending on how you define fluency) in Korean. It's very awesome this user is giving helpful suggestions on websites that can help with learning Korean (and other great tips). Of course, they aren't going to add the Korean course for duolingo on this discussion which is part of duolingo XD it's also close to being released, but then again the date is just an estimate ;D Good luck learning languages!


Fantastic list...

Please can I ask how some of you have the Korean flag icon in your stats here?! Did it release on iPhone only or something? I don't see it available yet on Android or PC.


Alpha release. Be patient, public beta is supposed to be soon.


you are already grade 9th in a few days


Thanks for the hepl


Has anyone tried Viki Learn yet? It's a drama site from Viki that has dual-subs that you can click to find meaning. They also have quizzes and vocab lists.



sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing

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