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I did not miss one day, streak cancelled then told me I could get it back for $13.99!

What gives? I had a 120 day streak, logged on to do day 121 (within 24hours of last lesson) and got a "You lost your streak but can restore it for $13.99. This is wrong! While I will continue to use it, I am ticked that some snafu cost me my hard earned streak, and feel held hostage by the $13.99 ransom. Please direct me to someone who can assist.

September 4, 2017



[EDIT: Updated report for US Eastern time zone.]

Sorry you lost your streak.

Where are you located or what time zone are you in?

Using US Eastern time, no XP was recorded for you on Thursday and you didn't meet your XP goal on the Duolingo servers Friday. See the report below.

Here's my standard advice on keeping a streak:

You need to make sure your XP is registered each day, if you want to ensure that your streak continues. Completing a lesson each day is not sufficient because you may have had connectivity issues with the Duolingo servers, or you may have closed the app or web page before the XP could register.

To double-check that my XP was registered, I refresh the Duolingo web site after using it or the app. The two things I check are that the flame icon has the check mark on it and my streak number has increased as expected.


Current streak: 2
Last streak: 120
Days ago: 4
Streak Freeze: 2017-09-04 12:01:32 GMT
Daily goal: 50
Account created: ~1 year ago
Streak Repair available (Android/iOS only): False
Lingots: 186

XP registered for each session in the last 7 days of practice: (GMT-5)
10 at Sun Aug 27 20:27:55
10 at Sun Aug 27 20:32:03
10 at Sun Aug 27 20:38:09
10 at Sun Aug 27 20:43:21
10 at Sun Aug 27 20:48:36
10 at Mon Aug 28 20:12:38
10 at Mon Aug 28 20:16:07
10 at Mon Aug 28 20:20:30
10 at Mon Aug 28 20:24:18
10 at Mon Aug 28 20:32:36
10 at Mon Aug 28 20:35:52
10 at Tue Aug 29 19:58:38
10 at Tue Aug 29 20:11:10
10 at Tue Aug 29 20:16:36
10 at Tue Aug 29 20:20:35
10 at Tue Aug 29 20:23:58
10 at Tue Aug 29 20:27:50
10 at Wed Aug 30 20:46:06
10 at Wed Aug 30 20:51:32
10 at Wed Aug 30 20:56:08
10 at Wed Aug 30 21:01:02
10 at Wed Aug 30 21:05:31
10 at Fri Sep 01 20:00:18
10 at Fri Sep 01 20:04:45
10 at Fri Sep 01 20:10:01
10 at Fri Sep 01 20:16:16
10 at Sat Sep 02 19:56:59
10 at Sat Sep 02 20:03:16
10 at Sat Sep 02 20:10:08
10 at Sat Sep 02 20:14:05
10 at Sat Sep 02 20:18:34
10 at Sun Sep 03 21:10:14
10 at Sun Sep 03 21:14:29
10 at Sun Sep 03 21:18:55
10 at Sun Sep 03 21:24:46
10 at Sun Sep 03 21:29:57

Report created: 2017-09-04 08:47:57


I am in the US, EST time zone. I had no any connectivity issues, though that, obviously, doesn't mean the servers were behaving. I never close the session before I finish, and I do more than the 50pt goal. I will take your advice and refresh to confirm the system has accurately recorded XP, but to be perfectly candid, a user should not be penalized for a system error beyond their control. As I mentioned earlier, I manage a software system, so I am well versed in system issues, server snafus, etc. The one thing we always do, is give the client the benefit of the doubt, especially if there is a good chance the issue was, indeed, a technical one not user generated.

Enough said on this topic, I've got a language to learning streak or no streak, my motivation is to supplement so that I am fluent enough to go to my beloved Italy and actually converse with Italians.



I updated the report above for your time zone.

Our opinions don't change Duolingo's rules or how their system works. I don't like the Streak Repair option because it creates consternation if not outright hostility in people who don't understand the foibles of the streak system. On the other hand, some people are glad to have it.

You had no XP recorded on the servers last Thursday and only 40 XP on Friday. There was a brief outage on Friday.

Of the more than 800 active streakers in the Streak Hall of Fame, one lost their streak last week. That is lower than its average weekly attrition rate of about 0.4%.



Friday evening there were serious system issues, not like any I've ever seen here. Lessons would appear to be completed but would not register any points. I completed a lesson more than five times before any XPs were counted. Things appeared perfectly normal otherwise, and I would have not registered any points if I hadn't been watching the "streak meter" results.

Cleeent's advice is good: keep a streak freeze current and always check that your completed lessons have actually registered. And to avoid undue frustration when connectivity is bad or Duo is flaking out in some unusual way, set the number of XPs you need for a day to count to ONE (1).

. . . a user should not be penalized for a system error beyond their control.

True enough. But how is Duo to know that you have a problem? They can't just assume that everyone earns their projected XPs. Have you communicated with Duo (don't ask me how) and have they replied, refusing your request? Duo can only fix by dumb luck an error it doesn't know about.

Sorry you lost your streak. It is definitely no fun. I lost a 182-day streak once--just one day less than half a year!!! (see, it still rankles). So, the thing to do is earn yourself an even longer streak!


Hi, sorry that you lost your streak.

Mobile app or website?

Always double / triple check if the DuoLingo online server has actually recieved any XPs!
The mobile apps do not contain any sync detail dialogs!!!

A coach goal setting of 50XP does not really help to save a streak in case of any technical problems, or if you have finished an excercise a few seconds or minutes later than 23:59:59.

I strongly advise to go back to 1XP (on the web settings).

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