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  5. any tips or tricks to German?


any tips or tricks to German?

i would like to really get to the depth of what i'm learning i mean its a new language guys!! not just a high school or collage credit! so if any of you have advice about french or German or any language for that fact go righ t ahead and tell please!! because i would like to get stronger!! lets build each other up and get better at what were trying to learn!!

September 4, 2017



Well, the further you go (I don't really have much say because i'm only level nine) it's gets difficult. Some points you get frustrated. But all in all it's really worthwhile. it's great that you decided to learn German but learning a whole different language requires a dedicated learner to achieve. Tips- -be careful with feminine and masculine words. They get me every time. -you don't have to do it every single day. Every single day isn't different then two days off a week. I think everyday is a burden. -go slow. learning isn't a race. You don't have to get a golden tree in two days. Take all in and strengthen -SLeason


thank you!! and as far as feminine and masculine words go they get me most of the time to!!


Yes!! They're so different from English it's a little confusing.


Learn the gender of the nouns from the beginning. That's one thing I regret and it made progress bumpy.


One thing you can do is study grammatical charts, gives a lot of perspective on what you need to work with grammatically. I think lol

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