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What is a difference between English level and fluency level?

Hi, My English level is 22 but fluency level of English is 74%. What is the meaning of this number? Could you explain about it? Thank you.

September 4, 2017



The level indicates how many XP points you've earned through practice. Level 25 is the highest Duolingo level. Fluency is ephemeral and will fluctuate, it is just an indication of how often and how well you practice. If you slow down or stop your practising your Duolingo "fluency" level will go down.


You have completed enough lessons to reach level 22 (top level is 25), and your fluency is 74% (really good).


Thank you for your reply. It is time to learn another language.


More accurately, you've earned enough XP to reach level 22. ;)

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