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What is the Social Public Push on Duolingo?

I decided to explore my extended profile information


It says I'm eligible. Can someone explain what the "treated", "destiny", "control", "condition", and "eligible" mean?

P.S. Why does it mention people's usernames in it? I see jack.elliott and a few others

September 4, 2017



I imagine it relates to whether you receive push notifications on mobile devices when people join a club you have created and/or are a member of, along with 'social_push_notifications', 'social_disable_join_notifications' and 'social_public_clubs'.
I don't think it's anything new.


I don't know, but maybe "control" is the control group in an A/B test? The other variables that you are seeing such as treated, destiny, and so on are most likely variables defined by the Duolingo programmers, so it may be difficult to guess what they mean. The names you see are probably either those that you are following or are following you. Probably the former.

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