The course seems to be stuck. I completed the Questions 1 without error and even did it twice and the program does not move forward

September 4, 2017


Did you complete all the lessons in the basics #1 skill?

I know what you mean. That happened to me yesterday. I recommend maybe trying a different lesson or maybe just freeze your streak if that doesn't work, then come back tomorrow and try again. I don't know how it happened, though

Hi Martha,

Please, try this explanation in the Duolingo Help Center:
"I'm stuck, why can't I open the next skill?"

Here are some useful links, to get more familiar with Duolingo:

Happy learning.

I have noticed lately that it is harder to get to new lessons. Perhaps the duolingo theory that people are learning too fast is in action.

an interesting thought!

yes, a few days ago the system would not move forward even though I did the SAME lessons correctly three times. Today is much better.

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