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  5. "Why is that all?"

"Why is that all?"

Translation:Kwa nini basi?

September 4, 2017



Speaking from complete ignorance it sounds like the kind of question you might get from a trader in a market or someone serving in a shop that in reality means "do you want anything else" I'm making it up here as I have no real life knowledge of Swahili :(


This is correct It would go like Kitu kingine? Basi Kwa nani basi!? Tuna vitunguu ...


What does this mean??

I can't think of a context that those English words would be used other than as a pretty unnatural way to say "Why is that all there is? Why isn't there more?" ... and the Swahili doesn't look like it would mean that.


Given that it is an unnatural construction, could it be correct to say, "Kwa nini ina yote?"


That would be more like "why does it have all" ... change "ina" to "hiyo/ile ni" and I guess so.


I'm guessing this phrase isn't supposed to be coming up still?


LOL some of these were by the original contributors like 4 years ago, so I keep seeing them when people open discussions. It should be 'why, then?' or just 'why?'

Some of these phrases are super awkward without context

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