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  5. "I need you all."

"I need you all."

Translation:Euch brauche ich.

September 4, 2017



Why is this sentence set up like this? What are the grammar rules causing this order of words?


It probably just shows how flexible German syntax can be due to cases.

In this instance, ich brauche euch is more common, but the solution given by DL is entirely possible as well.


....and how do I translate "Ich brauche Euch alle" ?


As a native German speaker i would say exactly the same way. " I need you all" or maybe "i need all of you"

The translation here is grammatically correct, but it is no common use in Germany. This sentence would be an andwer to a very specific question, as if you need to make clear which special group is needed. Much more common, and also grammatically correct would be "ich brauche euch".

[deactivated user]

    i think it would be redundant to say that considering "euch" already means you all. it would be like saying "i need you all all"


    I wonder if this sentence is emphasizing who I need- you all (euch). So that's why Euch is first. And whenever they emphasize a word by putting it first in the sentence, it seems to cause the subject/verb to flip. Hence, the backwords word order.


    if "brauche ich" is in the interrogative... then "Euch brauche ich" sounds like 'need I you' Right now I have no need for this sentence! If indeed such a construction of sentence is valid, given it is highly specific or not the simpler example as mentioned below, I shall consign it to the 'backburner' for advanced level German. What is "Duo" doing putting it here when it can only confuse at this learning level? Further translations or likely context of "Euch brauche ich" also welcomed.


    if "brauche ich" is in the interrogative

    Yes, because brauche is the first word in the sentence.

    then "Euch brauche ich" sounds like 'need I you'

    Perhaps, if you haven't got used to German word order.

    Euch brauche ich. has the word in the second position in the sentence, not the first, so no German would interpret it as a question -- only as a statement.

    Don't focus on "inversion" or where the subject is in the sentence.


    I agree with all that you said. I'll only add that I think the reason for them to do this may be because so many of us are losing hearts to these kind of questions. and so they make more money if/when more people see their ads


    And what should this sentence mean? Shouldn't be this I need all of you, or everyone of you, for me it's a little bit unnatural.


    Throughout the program, Duolingo uses "you all" to elicit the familiar plural form in German. This is in keeping with southern American plural English "you all" or "y'all", elsewhere "you guys" or "you lot", or simply "you". It took me a while to get this, because my native variety of English doesn't use "all" this way. So here, Duo is merely trying for "you all" equivalent to "you" (plural familiar) rather than to "all of you".


    Would "Ich brauche sie alle" be correct?


    It's a correct sentence but it's not a translation of the English sentence -- it means "I need them all" or "I need all of them".


    I don't see why "ich brauche Sie alle" is marked incorrect, because the capitalization clearly indicates it means "you all".


    Why is "Ich brauche euch" not accepted?

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