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Facebook group for ASL Duolingoers!

Hi all!

If you use ASL (American Sign Language) and would like to hang out with other signers from the Duolingo community, I invite you to check out the Duolingo ASL group on Facebook.

I started the group a couple of years back with the idea that I'd like to find people to practice ASL with. But, I got shy and backed out. :P
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I've come back to the group and re-conceptualized it. Woohoo!

For advanced and fluent signers, I hope you'll take this opportunity to connect with other signers in the Duolingo community.

If you are new to sign, you can join for exposure to ASL. However, the group is not intended to be a classroom. So, hangouts might be above your level. If that happens, don't get discouraged. Think of it as an immersive experience. From time to time, I and others will post resources to help newer signers advance their ASL skills.

I'm still working out the ground rules for the group. For sure though, the group hangouts will be "voice off". That means communication by ASL and text only, no using one's voice. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, I enthusiastically welcome you to recommend other ground rules in the comments below.

Hope to see y'all over there! ^_^

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As always, please practice Internet Safety.

September 4, 2017



Since this is a Facebook group, what should one do if they like to maintain privacy by keeping their duolingo and real life identities separate? To my knowledge, Facebook may not allow people to create "fake accounts", which they define as accounts not based on the user's real information. More information here


That is a great question and I appreciate that you've asked it. The answer is, there are many people who have created secondary accounts with a name they use that is different than their legal name, regardless of the policy. So, I recommend if someone doesn't want people to know the name on their legal documents, that they create an account under a different name. Facebook's policy might make for good market data mining, but, it's put certain groups of people at increased risk, like children and trans folks, among others. Personally, I prize safety over business. So, secondary accounts get a the blue bunny stamp of approval.

PS FB can be a bit picky about name combinations. So, if you type in one thing and it doesn't accept it, try something else.


Please also keep in mine that unlike with duolingo, being on FB entails the possibility of private messaging. That’s a risk factor for underage users, and a potential portal for cyber bullying.


Indeed, it is. We are still in discussion over the formation of this group. It is possible that we might decide to create a minimum age requirement.

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