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translating the same word over and over again

While I know some repetition is good I am getting a little fed up of being asked to translate the word sofá from Spanish to English and back again while doing strengthening exercises. Every time I hit "Hogar" this word comes up on the timed practice. While I appreciate it is a short word and balances against some of the very long sentences, I feel that there are many other words that are not so similar in the two languages and which I would really benefit from strengthening.

September 4, 2017

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Hola. Primero, mis respetos por sus logros. Realmente admirable.

Now, about your "concern"(?)...
I sometimes feel the same, but not as much as you do, apparently. The thing is, I practically abandoned two trees, and focused my attention in the remaining two. I didn't mastered all the words/grammar learnt from those threes, I understand that. It's just that I feel more productive to look outside of Duo for words, phrases, and insight from those languages, "in context". I don't know, that way I don't get bored with the repetition task, because I avoid dedicating most of my time to it.
Anyway, I hope you too, find the way (your way) to make it work.

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