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timed exercises

In the last couple of months , there have been numerous comments about the serious problems people are having with the timed exercises. This needs to be completely re-evaluated .People are getting very frustrated by the timed lessons and exercises ,and a number have brought up quitting. We are working on learning a language ,not joining the CIA. Let me say again- all timed exercises, in any language offered, need to be on an optional basis. Many of us cannot type above the speed of molasses and/or the equipment we have is slow. I'm sure it also is taking many of us a lot of time to be sure of the answer anyway. This topic ,as may have been noted has generated tremendous interest, but to date we have noted nothing but silence from Duo. Some people have commented that they like the frantic nature of timed exercises- fine,then they should be allowed to keep using them. However, many people who have commented, and I am sure many others who have not- are ready to scream about this entire issue.

March 11, 2013



Yep, we've heard all the comments. These are going away soon :)


I dont understand you. On my screen it is optional. I red that there are different testing groups. Are we from different testing groups? When I choose lesson practice, I have the chance to practice without timer. The white button 'Practice without a timer' is left to the green 'Start timed practice' button.


Yes, you are from the different group (as am I). The other group has mandatory timed practices.


Oh my, when you are toward the middle of the course or further time practice makes not so much sense... when typing a sentence takes at least 20 seconds...


I like the pressure of the timed rounds but I think 2 minutes is too short, particulary for Spanish when you have to type using your keyboard and the screen for accents and the upside down question mark.


Try US International keyboard layout.


Thanks! I checked the US international keyboard layout (Win 7) virtual keyboard . . . I don't see those characters. (Curious, what is the best keyboard layout for typing in Spanish on the Windows platform, I'm familiar with the keyboard shortcuts to like ALT+0225, ALT+0237, etc. Personally I find typing in Spanish on my mac much easier.)


Thanks! I'm getting there! éáñíóú THANKS!

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