mixed up

hi i am just wonder when you learn so many languages at one time if you not getting mixed up. How do you manage to switch between them. it must be difficult or even imposible. Any tips?

September 4, 2017


It also helps if you learn one language to a pretty good level (B1 or so) before tackling a new one.

I learned Spanish first and then I did the "French for Spanish speakers" course. That way I could learn French without totally ignoring my Spanish. I mix words up but not too terribly badly because my Spanish was pretty solid before I began French.

It helps if you're studying languages that are not from the same language family. French and Spanish are very similar, both being Romance languages if you were to study a Nordic language like Norwegian or Swedish or a Slavic language like Polish or even something with another alphabet all together like Russian or Greek. There would be less mix ups between the languages.

If you are already confident in one language there'd also be less chance of you getting them mixed up. I had no problems doing French and Swedish at the same time. They were both different enough from each other and I already knew French from school.

Other than that, maybe I'm not someone you had in mind when asking the question, I tend to focus on one language at a time, which is Swedish at the moment, and then just checking other languages out, doing a few lessons here and there to have a bit of a break and shake things up. Maybe one of those will someday be my new focus.

I waited until I was nearly finished with one language before starting the new one but everyone has their own preferences. No, I don't get confused in fact find that one helps the other. E.g. now that I'm doing French I see how close it is to Italian.

At first I think I will be mixed up between languages but when I learn the languages, I wasn't mixed up. I don't know why :))

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