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Any Advice on how to go from B Level to C Level (in Spanish)?

So I've been learning Spanish for about a year now and I'd say I'm definitely at a B1-2 level (intermediate). However, I'd really like to start advancing. Every day I listen to some Spanish videos, message/email natives and try to learn some new vocab as well. But I want to know if I'm doing it right and if there's anything more I could do.

I'm not impatient and am willing to spend years on Spanish (I'm going to be starting my Spanish GCSE soon) but all I want to know is if you all have any advice on how I can reach C Level in Spanish. Thanks :D

(I have a feeling I'll get some comments/dislikes for this: the reason this is in the general forum and not the Spanish forum is because I'd like to use this advice for other languages, it's just that right now I'm focusing on Spanish)

September 4, 2017



Reading and listening is a very good place to start to get your vocab up and understanding more of the nuances that make up a language.

Can you do any training on your speaking abilities? Skyping with natives or going to language meet ups? Maybe there are some foreign exchange students you could help at your school or there are some meet-ups at a local university. We had one where everyone was welcome and once in a while someone still in school dropped by as well.

Later on at uni you could apply for a semester abroad to really be immersed in the language.


At the moment, studying Spanish at uni probably seems like the best idea but the problem is that I'm only 14 so I can't go to uni just yet :/ Soon I'll start Spanish tutoring so hopefully that will help me with my skills as well. Thanks for your advice :D


The meet-ups might be for everyone, like I said we had some who were still in school at the time. They were around 15/16 but, if I remember correctly, so a tick older, but still. It was a very informal thing, just speaking in a foreign language the whole evening about whatever came to mind. TV shows, daily life, etc. Some were people who studied the language, some like me, just did it for fun, some were even natives who studied abroad.

Here in Germany we had also some language trips offered by youth centres or language organisations for the summer holidays. Basically summer school, but set in a different country and focussed on learning the language of the country. I never went to one, but have friends who did at your age.


Did you pass the B1/B2 exam with a good mark?


Yes, I've taken some tests/exams and I've reached about the B1-2 mark, a few natives have told me my level is roughly B1-2 and when I read the skill levels required for each level I roughly match up to the B1-2. I'm definitely not a beginner but definitely nowhere near fluency haha.


Here's a video from a very skilled polyglot on just that topic!



Talk, read and write, talk, read and write and keep talking, reading and writing. It is important you produce sentence in Spanish and get feedback about them. Reading is good for learning vocabulary, writing is good for discover your mistakes and weaknesses, talking is useful for both things and very rewarding.

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    Hola, no es una repuesta, pero que es la diferencia entre nivel A, B, y C. ¡Gracias!


    Es el nivel de manejo del idioma de lo más básico a lo avanzado A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 y C2

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