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"He transfers one hundred euros."

Translation:Er überweist hundert Euro.

September 4, 2017



Warum nicht einhundert?


Why is Überträgt not an acceptable word?


You don't use übertragen with money, it is überweisen if you transfer money.

übertragen is used, for instance, when you assign a task: eine Aufgabe übertragen


Why is it 'zwei Millionen Euro' elsewhere but 'hundert Euro' here (hundert isn't capitalized)?


because usually numbers aren't capitalized, but "Million", "Milliarde" etc. are treated as nouns, and therefore capitalized.
You can guess this a little when looking at English. You can say "a/the million", but you usually don't say "a twenty" (of course you can, if you talk a bout the number twenty written somewhere, but in this case you would capitalize "die Zwanzig" in German as well).


Why isn't Euro(s) here plural? Is 'one hundred' (and also thousand, million, etc.) considered singular?


After numbers you usually use the singular form of a currency unit in German. You would use the plural only if you were talking about the number of coins you have in your wallet.


I've always used wechselt for transfer


That has a completely different meaning. "wechseln" means "to change", i.e. changing one currency into another (e.g. dollars to pesos). "to transfer" is "überweisen", i.e. moving an amount of money from one bank account to another one.

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