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experience points

If I get 10 points exactly for every lesson I finish, how come there are people who get 357 or 948 points? where can I get points which are not 10 or nothing? I always have like 290 or 360 something ending with "0"...

what do I miss? where can I find it?

September 4, 2017



The timed practice test (invoked by clicking on the Strengthen button in the Home screen on the web page) can give you XP in single units.


Also, for certain languages, sometime you are offered a small test and are given like 5 lingots (if I remember correctly, as this doesn't happen often). I see this test pop up in my Spanish lessons and my French to English lessons.


I also have this one but it gives 5... :)


I have been trying :( no timed practice, only a regular one in the Strengthen button :( (the one under the graph on the home page on the web?)


That's correct (i.e. the one under the graph ...). If you don't get a "Timed Practice" option, then you likely have not bought Timed Practice skill from the Lingot Store. Head over to there and see if you're eligible to buy it. I forget now, but it cost something like 10 or 25 lingots to buy it when I did almost three years ago.

Frankly, though, you don't need it (unless you want to test yourself in a timed fashion) nor do you have to worry about your scores being multiples of 10. None of that matters as long as you are learning your target language.


thank you! now I got it :)

I don't need it. I just wondered what do I miss :-D

I study for over a year, only with DO, every day. I understand reading pretty well but I tried to watch spanish children T.V shows and didn't understand anything... I thought maybe I miss something.

thank you!!


Thanks for letting me know. Glad you figured it out and happy to help. Good luck with your learning!


It's because people do timedpractice and bots too. Timed practice will only give points for the right ones whereas bots only gives points for good comments.


On my app (android), I don't always get only 10 points when I learn a new skill. Sometimes I get 10 points plus a 3 or 4 point bonus. I'm not sure why, I think it's for getting lots of correct answers in a row. I never get this bonus when I do the same practices on the website.


Chatting with the bots (mobile only) also gives me XP that doesn't end in 0.


how do I get to chat with them? I use mostly the mobile, have not seen that..

(bot=robot? English is not my first language)


Do you use iOS or Android? I don't know if it's available for both, but I use iOS. There's a tab at the bottom of the screen that will take you to what they call "bots" (which I assume is short for robots) and you can chat with them. The conversations are preprogrammed, but they're pretty useful.


When immersion was available, it added XP in small quantities.


I've noticed that in the app, you can get a few extra points if you keep answering all (or just some) questions correctly without any mistakes.

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