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  5. "Ich trinke, du trinkst."

"Ich trinke, du trinkst."

Translation:I am drinking, you are drinking.

September 4, 2017



Why "I drink, you are drinking" is incorrect? I tought there was no difference in simple present and present continuous


Same for "I am drinking, you drink." This should be a correct answer.


Same with me, But when I wrote ''I drink, you drink''= It was correct , like this I got I am drinking, you are drinking correct too, but if we write both differently, It gets wrong...


so basically du is just saing you but it always is the same as ich so ich=trinke du=trinkst they mean the same thing..coment me if im wrong


du is you, ich is I

And if that's false, then I'll quit Duolingo it hat teached my nothing


Please report your query via flag button, just st the right side of comments because your answer is showing incorrect because of autocorrection of Duolingo, but if you let the owl know about your queries it'll decide whether your answer will be listed in the acceptable answers or not.


Yep, I just wrote it exactly like that to mess with Lord Duo and yep he messed me back.


...and now we are drunk


I drink, you drink, everybody drinks!


I drink, you drink, we both have a problem with alcohol addiction


Duo accepted "i drink, you drint", but not "I drink, thou drinkst".


Could someone explain the difference between; trinkt, trinke and trinken! (those are probably misspelled sry)


ich trinke (i drink) er, sie, es, trinkt (he/she/it drinks) wir + sie drinken (we+ they drink) ihr trinkt (you (plurar) drink)

its like: i drink, he drinkS


i typed "i'm drinking, you drink" as my answer and it was marked wrong, with the correction being "i am drinking, you are drinking." anyone know why?


Likewise I drink, you are dinking was called incorrect


Is the punctuation correct? No semicolon between independent clauses?


Oh, well, read it as part of a verb conjugation list rather than two independent clauses ;-) Apart from that, in my experience (German native, DE<>EN translator), neither English nor German language strictly follows the rule of semicolon between independent clauses.


Ich trinke and I know things


"du trinkst" is the familiar "you"-singular. "Sie trinken" when translated as "You are drinking" would be the formal "you" or used when speaking to a stranger- but still singular. "Ihr trinken", I think is the plural formal for "You, meaning many you's, are drinking". I'm not sure if what I have inserted here is completely correct or not.


Plays button: Ich trinke, trinkst Plays button again: Ich trinke, trinkst writes "Ich trinke, trinkst" Duolingo: WRONG you missed a word: du Plays button 3 more times. Every time says: "Ich trinke, trinkst." Me: triggered


Unfortunately, there is not difference between simple present and present continuous in German language.


this statement sounds unnatural and should be deleted


My answer was right, but it said it was wrong???


Ich trinke, du trinkst, wir allen trinken!


What is the different between (Ihr) and (du) ??


Du is singular informal you. Du trinkst = you drink, where "you" is one person.

Ihr is plural informal you. Ihr trinkt = you (all) drink.

In addition to that, there is also the formal you, which is the same for singular and plural and follows the conjugation of third person plural with capitalised pronoun: Sie trinken = you (ladies and gentlemen) drink.


You should show us how trinke,trinkst,trinkst used on different sentences


Ich trinke Wasser. I drink water.

Du trinkst Bier. You drink beer. (you = one person, we are familiar)

Er trinkt Wein. He drinks wine.

Wir trinken Milch. We drink milk.

Ihr trinkt Apfelsaft. You all drink apple juice. (you all = several people, we are familiar or they are children)

Sie trinken zu viel. They drink too much. OR You drink too much (you = one person but being addressed formally)

I hope this helps.


"I drink and you drink." is wrong?


There's no and (und) in the German sentence.


Its just so simple.


I drink waere auch richtig!!!


Please correct this error, it works does it not? Why cant we use both at the same time?


I put " I'm drink, your drinking" and apparently that's wrong. Can someone please explain why?


"I'm drink" is bad English. It's either "I drink" (as in I drink beer on Friday nights - repeated action) or "I'm drinking" (I'm holding a glass of a beverage and drinking from it as we speak).

"Your drinking" also doesn't mean "you are drinking". That would be "you're drinking".

In theory, it should be correct to say "I drink, you are drinking", but there would be a meaning of "I have a beer occassionaly, you are an alcoholic" and the German sentence doesn't have this distinction.


I'm and you're - is wrong, I have no one reason for this...

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