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few questions.

ehh well i am on level 5 and i was on level 2 yesterday in German, should there be a limit on how much you do per day? or is that entirely up to you? and i just deleted one of my posts and it deleted everything is there a way i can fix that??

September 4, 2017



should there be a limit on how much you do per day? or is that entirely up to you?

Each day you reach your daily target will keep your streak, but there's no limit to how many experience points you earn in one day, or to how much you can progress in one day.

and i just deleted one of my posts and it deleted everything is there a way i can fix that??

If you've deleted your discussion post, there's no way to get it back. Forum moderators have the ability to delete any comments/discussions that go against Duolingo's Official Guidelines in any sort of way. To prevent this, a suggestion would be to read over the detailed link that I provided, as well as this article from the Duolingo Wiki explaining how to avoid common forum faux pas and much more. :)

Good luck!


Fast learning goes with fast forgetting unless you review a lot.


There is no limit at all on how much you do per day.

And there is no way to retrieve a deleted discussion.

And the purpose of a streak freeze is to keep your streak, which will also be kept when you complete your daily goal. For instance, I have been completing my daily goal for 56 days straight, thus, I have a 56 day streak. But if I lose internet connection or something, I have a streak freeze equipped in case, so that I can still maintain my streak.


Hey Hannah! I hope I can answer your questions for you!

  1. There is no limit on how much you do per day, so you can practice however much you want!

  2. Yes, it is entirely up to you to decide what you will practice and how much you will practice. You could practice the whole entire day!

  3. I'm afraid there is no way for you to retrieve the posts you delete.

  4. Streak freezes freeze your streaks when you can't go on Duolingo. So your streaks just stay the same for a day.

Hope that answers it! Have fun learning!


thank you!!! that does pretty much answer everything!!


oh yeah one more question what is the purpose of streak freeze?


'Streaks' are how many days in a row you go reaching your XP goal. (If you haven't set one, it's probably around 10 XP.) Streak freezes basically allow you to keep your streak for one day without practicing.


I don't think there is a limit on how much you should do in a day, as long as the amounts don't vary too much between days. Don't do too much as to make it hard to practice it all the next day.


Get the IOS app on an Apple IPhone smartphone and you will probably (99,99%) receive the health/gems "feature" (A/B test groups) which will actually limit you (according to all those threads describing that feature) how many new skill/lessons you can learn....if that is what you really want.
If not be happy that you can learn as much as you want (but still retain).

Try to focus on 1-2 lessons per day, that is 7-14 words.

You are very good in retaining and recalling all words, try more (find your best learning limit).

Try not to focus only on DuoLingo but complement with other flashcard software like Tinycards, Memrise, AnkiSRS, etc.
This will greatly help you to review, remember and recall more words in the mid- to long-term.


thank you all for all your help!!

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