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Japanese club alert!

Hey, it's woof. I was looking for a Japanese club to join on the app, and almost all of them said something a bit similar to ''Finns learning Japanese.'' ''Hablamos Espanol.'' ''Japanese from Swedish.'' (these are just examples) And considering I don't live in any of those places, I created my own club: That Club With No Rules. Yes, that is seriously its name. The point is, there isn't a single rule in there. You don't need to have a streak, you don't need to fit into an age category, you don't have to be from a certain country, city, town, state, island, continent, etc. The only rule is: NO rules. Anyway, enough description. The club code is 53FNYU. Hope you join!


September 4, 2017



If I was learning Japanese, then I would join. But there are no rules right? So I could join even though I'm learning French, ;).


Hahaha technically yeah, you could :)


That's the club for me, although we may get along like cats and dogs:)


Since this is a rather new thread. I shall not start making a new and present my own ring of Knights of Learning Japanese. If thou art a wanderer and seek for a gay adventure please accept my humble invitation to my lands of glee. "UnicornsPrayOnJapanese". Code: HA5DH6


I like your concept, I also just founded a club with no rules - only rule is that you have to learn Japanese ;) Just in case yours is already full, feel free to join mine: CNJUMM :)

Spread love and language! <3


Thanks Maike! Mine is full, so if anyone wanted to join it, join Maike's instead. Yours is probably more awesome :D


I would so much rather create (or join) a club with just the people that I know here on Duo, and could learn any language. It would be that much more fun.


Yeah. I wish you could send an invite to someone to join your club, and it appears on their notification bell, and they could press ''Join'' or ''decline'' or something like that, instead of just posting your club code on the discussions and hoping people you know see it. The clubs are really unsocial, despite the fact that there is now free chat.


No. The 'free' chat has been removed. Is it still up for you? It is gone from the 3 clubs I've been in.


Weird. But I haven't really used my chat feature lately, so maybe it was removed...


Yeah. It was up for 1-2 days, then it was gone again. I was really gonna enjoy those clubs until the free-to-chat feature was removed. Then it went back to eh.


Yeah. The only reason I use clubs is for motivation. It's not at all as great as I hoped/expected.


Yeah I use for motivation as well.. I even got to one "minimum xp per week" club. The thing is, I got so motivated that I was first in the leaderboard, leaving the club's owner in second... I was then kicked :/ I will go back to no rules club, more fun people :)

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