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  5. "Wamekuja peke yao"

"Wamekuja peke yao"

Translation:They have come alone

September 4, 2017



Would 'they have' also be correct?


What did you see? I have:

"Wamekuja peke yao "
Translation: They have come alone


I understand the comments about "they" implying they had each other, but "they have come alone" conjures images of someone arriving without the help that might have seemed necessary so I'm not bothered by that translation. My question: wouldn't it be better to interpret this as "by themselves" instead of "alone"? That would then take care of the "they had each other" argument and be more consistent with prior "peke [pronoun]" examples. (My brain is craving consistency at this point in my understanding! I'll open it to nuance later!) ;-)


You can use "alone" for groups and it just means without others who are not in the group. "I think we're alone now" is not a tautology.

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