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Mistakes of the day

There are days when I do lots of lessons, and I would love to see another tab in duolingo that put all the mistakes in the day from the lesson that I taken so far (the same idea that happens when we finish our lessons).

The idea is to review I learn the words that we didn't know at the beginning of the day.

It is feasible?

Thanks before hand!

September 4, 2017



It is...and I like your idea


I take notes all the time. It works.


I do the same, so I have a record of my mistakes over months and years. It can be good to compare.


I try to do it myself is a good habits that I haven't muster yet haha thanks for the advise :)


I understand what you mean...as you know, there is no such tab yet. I'm sure it would be feasible for a Duolingo staff member to create such a tab, the question is, how many people want the tab? It's possible to go into 'words' and sort the words by strength. That way, you can review all the words which you need to strengthen by clicking on each word and studying each word.


Not all of the Duolingo courses have a Words tab though. Of the courses available for English speakers, I think only French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian have it.


True. Guarani doesn't have it :'(


Oh, i didn't know that. I always thought all languages had it.


That is true except not all courses have the words tab.

I like the idea that you could get a list of all the words you struggled with during the day. Perhaps by pressing a button when you are ready to review them.


It is very difficult to know how many people would use a possible "review section of the day", without actually doing it, but I think it would be worth a try. I personaly don't use the word section because:

  • there are lots of words that I know pretty well and appear as if I do not know them (I speak spanish so words that are common or similar with my native language I remember quickly)

  • there are other words that appears as if I know them but in fact I don't or is very difficult to me to remember them.

*The last thing with the word sections is that it is kind of picking up words in an unorgnanize dictionary, and therefore it is very dificult to learn them.

*The review section I think we can learn more than just words, but also about other mistakes like word order, hearing difficulties. And perhaps (just perhaps haha ) learn more about our behaviours like when we make more mistake. I think the best way to learn about anything is learning from the analysing of our mistakes.

And finally I think Duo staff can learn A LOT analysing the mistakes we make and analysing latter how we learn from them, they sometimes makes studies about lots of thing and one about learning, mistakes and maybe forgetting curve would be great :)


I found such a function on the duolingo homepage, when I logged in from PC using a browser.

It seems, that it will give You a full review of one lesson and not the whole day.

Search and find it, using the pc-version for your exersises. :-)


Lots of spelling errors today! Advice and exercises. Hey, buy a good dictionary, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary is the best (in USA) . Retired English teacher.


These errors are not the point of the discussion.


Hi, If you are learning a language , then spelling is a part of it.


My point is, the tone of the comment sounded kind of rude, and it wasn't really that necessary at all to this discussion.

For example:

Hey, buy a good dictionary....

Lots of spelling errors today!

You could have mentioned it in a P. S. and the main part could've been you explaining it to them, but your comment was entirely focused on the OP's mistakes. If someone posted the exact same comment to my post that was entirely about something else, I'd feel discouraged, and I would probably ignore them, but then again, everyone's different.

If this was not your intention then I apologize for making a big fuss over nothing.


I will not buy a ticket to Los Estados Unidos just to buy a dictionary.


You don't have to. I found a free version on line. Do a search.


I stand by my philosophy! now I know the correct spelling of two words thank you!! I usually use the online oxford dictionary, but I still make some mistakes writing in english and I have grammar issues too (that I hope to improve both issues).

My computer doesn't detect that I am writting in english so it doesn't correct me automatically :B (that would be useful)


I just do the the lesson in a day, then on the next day I strengthen it. Usually there are a bunch of words I forgot. I take those words and write them into Anki :) (it's a flashcard program(m?))


At least on the web version you are always given the option to review at the end of the lesson. If you leave all those tabs open on the review and open new tabs for the new lessons you could review all mistakes at the end.

Alternatively, just stop for a second to write down (or screenshot) your mistakes for that lesson before moving on.

I do like the idea of a review all lessons at the end of the day, but don't expect it any time soon.


The idea of screenshot is very good! Thank you The other ideas I do sometimes. I think I will try screenshots!!

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