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Esperanto has reached 1 Million learners!

The Esperanto course for English speakers has reached 1 Million learners! Congratulations to the Esperanto team!

September 4, 2017



I would like to have Esperanto for french. Unfortunatley I have to try to learn it in english which is a second language to me. It prove quite hard.


You can ask here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11332245/Esperanto-in-french

Portuguese 30%, Russian, Chinese probably next.

This is revenge for the French not supporting Esperanto in EU, now English took over. It could have been Esperanto as 2nd language in all primary schools. Then fewer Duo courses EO->Languages, Languages->EO. :/


Great, just keep learning Esperanto and joining the club for the next good outcome.

Spanish to Esperanto is ~200,000 (best way to practice Spanish and learn Esperanto).

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