"Seven and seven are fourteen."

Translation:Sīkuda sīkudā izula ampā issi.

September 4, 2017

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"The present tense is most commonly used for things that are happening right now. Unlike the English present tense, it is not generally used for "timeless" actions (e.g. "I speak Valyrian"), or general truths (e.g. "One plus one is two"); these generally go in the Aorist instead." (from http://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Verb_Conjugation#Present_Active)

but: "The aorist of sagon is almost never used—it is high-register, and possibly even pedantic,[1] and is nearly always replaced by the present tense." (from http://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Verb_Tables#sagon)

so "sisi" or "issi"?

September 4, 2017
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