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  5. "Ninapenda vuli"

"Ninapenda vuli"

Translation:I like the season of short rains

September 4, 2017



And, please, stop changing the favoured translation from one sentence to the other... "short rainy season" works in other sentences, but not here, for instance. It's boring to know exactly what a sentence means, have a good translation for it, and have to answer it again and again until you've memorized the bad, but "correct" answer the author favoured.


In English, this sentence requires an article.


I agree. I flagged it.


"I love the season of short rains" was just accepted for me


In English this sentence requires an article. I agree with all comments below, there is such inconsistency in this weather lesson


Someone's going through and fixing up the English at the moment.


Now it is insisting on "the". My answer was rejected because it did not have "the". Why is Swahili, which has no articles, insisting that i should have "the"? I am here to learn Swahili, not English. The English teachers among the commenters, please go away.


I can say "I like summer" in English. I don't have to say, "I like the summer". Anyway, i understand why some people may want "the" in the translation of this Swahili sentence, but please, people - focus on Swahili, not English. It should accept with or without the "the". Don't insist on "the"


This also could be translated as "I like short rain season"


Doesn't accept "short rain"

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