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  5. "I enter the hospital."

"I enter the hospital."


September 4, 2017



(i'm on mobile ) 入ります is separeted into 入り and ます and as a consequence is pronounced いります which is incorrect , the correct pronunciation is はいります


Why would I get Duolingo Plus when the normal Duolingo doesn't even have accurate information? I like Duolingo, but before I would ever consider giving them my money, they need to get it together.


You kinda need a chicken before you can get eggs.

Of course the analogy isn't perfect and you do have a valid point. But I look at it from a different perspective. Duolingo can't operate when they don't have the funds to do so. Development is expensive, especially due to the shortage of programmers.
If all the paying users are learning other languages, then Duo will see those statistics and they don't think it's worth much developing the Japanese course.
There is also a lot I like about Duolingo as well. Over the past 600 days (as of the time of writing) I've seen many improvements. I have learned in which ways Duolingo isn't perfect, so I stop by the forums regularly to see if someone has pointed out a bug.
All in all I think Duolingo is worth supporting. But if you don't think it's worth supporting with money then that's your decision and there's nothing wrong with that :)


Why に with 入る but お with 出る?


I think that the person is outside yet, because s/he says 'I enter the hospital'.

The image of imagination is 'to' or 'toward' the hospital.

わたしは病院を出ます。 I leave the hospital. (sorry, please offer more better English sentence)

This person is in the hospital. I think the image is 'from' the hospital.

And the particles are different as the same the meaning of each English sentences.


I'll add an example with に出る to complete your point.
私は外に出ます。I go outside [the hospital] (literally "go out to outside")


How do you say the two characrwes that mean enter


Hairi はいり and iri いり are both readings of 入り。tried to find a good rule for when to use each and found this. https://www.lingq.com/forum/learning-japanese-forum-ask-a-tutor/iru-or-hairu/


What the difference between いります and はいります?



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this doesn't accept the kanji for byouin

[deactivated user]

    Now it does. 病院に入ります was accepted.


    Is 病院に functioning as a illative case here?


    私は病院に入ります、で不正解でした。 なぜですか?


    I wonder why 入り口 is not "Hairiguchi" since 入り is hairi.

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