"Abbiamo farfalle sulle scarpe."

Translation:We have butterflies on our shoes.

March 11, 2013

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While farfalle can indeed be butterflies, it can also mean bows, which to me makes more sense on a shoe.


I don't think so. I would rather have them as I see them in my head, white with lots of colorful butterflies printet on them.:-)


So the "our" is understood how?


It's implied with "abbiamo".


ok, thanks. Wish there were some actual instruction on this. It is a bit hard to intuit or extrapolate from.


Because you only see one correct answer on Duo, and becauise it takes a long time for Duou to add all the acceptable translations, you'll get the impression that Italian is much more rigid than it is.

In this abbiamo farfalle sulle nostre scarpe would be perfectly acceptable.

One trick is to search for a phrase on google. I did "sulle scarpe" (213K hits) and "sulle nostre scarpe" (60K hits). You need the quote marks of course.


Well, the Google trick is not exactly accurate, because "sulle scarpe" could refer to our shoes, y'all's shoes, or their shoes.


What you say is true which means that many of the hits for "sulle scarpe" are false positives confirming that "sulle nostre scarpe" is Ok. Immaculate logic :-)


I didn't make the same mistake here as I did on another similar translation, but I would like to know if this phrase can also be translated as "We have butterflies on shoes." Is there a better way to say that in Italian?

I'm imagining, in this case, a sales person screaming this at a crowed. "We've got butterflies! We've got shoes! We've got butterflies on shoes!"


For multiple choice, I selected "We have butterflies over our shoes", as well as on our shoes, but the former was marked incorrectly.

I'm not exactly clear on the appropriate contexts of su, so can anyone explain why the former translation was incorrect?


I think that would be sopra le scarpe.

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