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Are any other languages going to be added on Duolingo this year?

Hello everyone! I'm coming back after being away for some time from Duolingo. I see there are a lot of new and interesting languages added!

My question is, are any of you aware about what are the next languages coming to Duolingo, and when, approximately? I heard Korean is going to be added soon. What about other languages? I really want to learn Finnish and/or Estonian, so I'm praying they arrive on Duolingo in the near future!

Thanks in advance and sorry if there is already another topic about my question.

PS: I know there are a lot of people who want to learn Bulgarian and I would be more than happy to help make it happen on Duolingo! ^ ^

September 4, 2017



Czech, Korean, and Klingon are supposed to be released in this month, and we have Yiddish, Hindi and Indonesian for the next year. Japanese is already on Android and iOS but not on the website, while Haitian Creole was supposed to be released 31/08/17, but there are not new updates to the course. Finnish, Arabic and Latin are the mst requested languages here, so I think that we're going to have those languages in the incubator soon.


You can see what languages are about to become available by visiting the incubator. As for what languages are about to enter the incubator, nobody knows. Considering it's been almost six months with none added, I'm not expecting anything soon (other than the possible Mandarin course).


I've heard something about Mandarin being added next year, you should check the incubator to see new languages


Japanese is available via IOS. Korean will also be available for IOS once alpha testing is done. Czech and Klingon are expected to be out via computer soon.

Rumors of Mandarin coming out are very abundant. Luis said that Arabic is likely to be in the incubator by the end of the year. I'm hanging tight to see if Zulu, Thai and Latin are coming around anytime soon.


Czech, Korean and Klingon are as good as ready, no one knows what will enter the incubator after that... But I think something will get started soon.

If you want to help make Bulgarian happen you should definitely apply here: https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply

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