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  5. "Jentys rōvys hontes issa?"

"Jentys rōvys hontes issa?"

Translation:Is the leader a big bird?

September 4, 2017



... probably not...


How do we know this doesn't translate to "is the large leader a bird?"


The adjective comes before the noun it modified.

This can be altered but it would be bad to alter with the copula "issa" since it would create ambiguity.

If there is no way to differentiate by agreement, differentiate by word order.


Yeah, that or "Is the leader a large bird" which they didn't accept for me


"A leader is a large bird?" was accepted for me.

Came here for Game of Thrones references and saw none. Was there any GoT leader that was a "big bird"?


Hah, not as far as im concerned

[deactivated user]

    The banner of the House of Arryn, Lords of the Vale features a large white falcon and crescent moon on a slate blue background.Their leader, Baelish/Littlefinger, played a big role in the rescue of Jon Snow at the Battle of the Bastards. It's a stretch but there you go.


    Can you describe me the way to Sesame Street in Valyrian?

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