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fast and gleich

Now I thought I had this question under raps but it would apear not. This morning while I was doing my German practice I ran into the following sentence. Ich bin fast bereit.In the past when it says almost ready it seems to have been gleich bereit. I looked it up on google translate and it said that gleich bereit just means ready. While fast bereit means almost ready. This doesn't seem to make sense tho because it would make more sense to just say Ich bin bereit zu gehen. Can someone please help?

Cheers. cluney.

September 5, 2017



If you use "fast bereit" - which sounds a bit odd, if you ask me - it means "almost ready" , maybe because I still have to do something before being ready. The word "gleich" is more like a time frame as in "I will soon be ready".


Well, I see no problem with "fast bereit" - sounds perfect to me.


In television, when they show a programme and write "gleich", it means "soon": This movie will start, not right now, but in 10-15 minutes, stay here.


"Fast bereit" is like completing a sequence of necessary steps until you can be ready. For example you are nearly ready to leave the house, but you first have to get your keys and put your shoes on. When you want to stress that you have not completed all the steps yet, you say "fast bereit". Like Hannibal-Barkas already said, "gleich" is referring to time. So when you say "Ich bin gleich bereit" you are saying it will only be a matter of seconds or minutes for example. Hope I could help!

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