"Dat werkt door middel van geluid."

Translation:That works by means of sound.

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What does this sentence even mean?

1 year ago


It just means it works or operates "by means of" sound, i.e. using sound.

For example:

Sonar is een techniek waarmee je voorwerpen kunt ontdekken door middel van geluid (onder water).

Sonar is a technique with which you can detect objects (under water) using sound.

Other examples:

Mijn batterij is waarschijnlijk op en nu kan ik hem door middel van geluid niet meer vinden.

My battery is probably run down and now I can no longer find it using sound, i.e., I won't be able to find [my cell phone] by listening (for the ring tone) because the battery is probably run down. ('hem' is most likely referring to a cell phone.)

Kan je helpen een vogel te identificeren door middel van geluid?

Can you help identify a bird using sound? i.e., by listening (to its call)?

So, as you can see, 'door middel van geluid' can also mean 'by listening' (to/for a specific sound or tone).'

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"That works with the help of sound"

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There's no word that means "help" in this sentence. "middel" means "means", as in "by means of".

10 months ago


I put "That works by sound". Shouldn't that be correct?

9 months ago
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