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Bug on speaking exercises

I have been using Duolingo to learn Spanish and Dutch, and I have been enjoying it overall.

But I noticed a bug, which has started happening about a week ago. On the exercises which say "Click the microphone and say..." and require me to say something, I click the microphone, and it marks me wrong immediately, before I have a chance to say anything.

Can anything be done about this?

September 5, 2017


[deactivated user]

    There's an article here that might help. Or you could also try asking in the Troubleshooting Forum. I really hope you can fix your issue! Good luck :-)


    Mobile app?

    Web? Chrome browser?


    I am using Chrome 60 on OS X. FYI I disabled all my extensions and I'm running into the same problem.


    At the moment you need to start talking on the same time as you press the microphone button.
    When Duolingo is missing a word (red instead of green), you need to repeat the sentence immediately untill all words are green.


    I tried starting to talk at exactly the instant that I press the button (or as close as I can do it) and it doesn't work.

    For most of the time that I've been using Duolingo (since 2014), until about a week or 2 ago, I could start talking up to half a second after clicking the button, or maybe more, and it would work fine.

    I think this change is a bug that should be fixed.


    I reported the bug. Thanks for the advice.


    I tried the speaking exercises today and they seem to work fine.


    This happens to me too, but only occasionally (I would estimate it about one out of five questions). If this is happening to you on every speaking question I would suggest that you report it as a bug. Good luck.

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