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Anyone else excited for the Korean Course?

I just wanna know who else is waiting for the Korean Course.

Literally, the only reason I came back on Duolingo is for the Korean Course. I still remember those days when they said it might be released in December 2018 or somewhere around there.

I've tried/working on the reverse tree (English for Korean) I got all the way to the animals section. It's not really that hard for me but I make mistakes here and there.

And for the Beta Testers how is the course so far?

September 5, 2017



Well it's still in Alpha right now however what's different is the testing is being done via mobile.

As for the course, I made a different account to test the Korean course and it's really good. My confidence in Hangeul is higher and I'm getting the hang of the agglutination. I've been able to recognize words and particles. I have high confidence that the course will be useful and the open Beta will be out soon.


Actually, I already have it. I'm an alpha tester, and I can tell you that although it's really hard, it's really fun! You'll start seeing patterns and things will click soon after you start the tree. You have a lot to be excited for!


The course is awesome! I've learned a lot in this week using Duolingo, and now I can read Hangul and recognize many sentences.

[deactivated user]

    I like it so far, the alphabet to me in a bit tricky because I hear a lot of the things differently than what is actually put there. After a couple of practice it has become a lot easier though.


    It's hard. I had no prior knowledge of the Korean language beforehand. I really wish that tips and notes were in the app. The course is long, much longer than the Japanese course.

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