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"Meestal kookt de man zelf."

Translation:Usually the man cooks by himself.

1 year ago



Ok. This translation is better than mine. I wrote "Usually the man cooks himself," which entertained me as I thought about him eating his own foot or something. Thankfully Duolingo understood what I meant anyway.

7 months ago


I laughed to myself when I translated it to "the man cooks himself." I guess his goose is cooked!

2 weeks ago

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Are all of the following possible meanings of the Dutch sentence?.. 1. the man is cooking alone (without anyone else around), 2. the man is cooking without assistance (others may be present.) or 3. the man is cooking for himself (only he will be eating the food.) The given translation "the man cooks by himself" in English could mean either meaning 1. or meaning 2. above. Not sure why I understood meaning number 3...

1 year ago

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1: De man kookt alleen 3: De man kookt voor zichzelf

1 year ago


The sentence does not imply who he is cooking for, not who he is cooking with. Only implies that he does the cooking himself, rather than having a wife or a cook do it. So the most correct translation is: usually the man cooks himself. Even though it can be interpreted rather cannibalisticly in English. It is still the most correct translation.

1 day ago