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The lingot store?

Just wondering - do the options available in the lingot store change according to what language(s) you're learning and/or to what level you're at? Whether on the android app or on the website there are only a few things available for me to 'buy' and I've already exhausted them. I keep earning lingots, but since I use duolingo mostly on my phone (where I can't give them to other users in discussions) they just accumulate and there's not much I can do with them. Will I eventually "unlock" more options?

September 5, 2017



No. Although for certain languages there are bonus skills.


I've been a Duolingoan for more than 3 years, and they have never expanded their lingot store options.

At least in the app version you can purchase one of two different outfits to dress your owl in.

All in all there are very few things to spend lingots on, and so the little red rubies will only accumulate in your account over time.

Give a few back to the community now and then. It is the best use of lingots, in my opinion.

Unless you're a hoarder. Some people like to hoard.


It's not so much that we like to hoard, it's that lingots are both valueless (there's very little to use them on) and difficult to get rid of (I have nearly 19,000; I'm not going to sit around making 19,000 individual clicks, since lingots can only be given away one at a time). So the lingots just pile up.


There is an script you can use that allows you to insert the amount of said lingots you wish to give to another person.

I do agree with you though. Sometimes, people just like to see how many lingots they can attain, and go for a seriously, ridiculously high amount. It's not hoarding to me, it's basically a 'challenge' for the individual user.


Quite. I guess I should add that I'm not bothered enough about the issue to install a script to make donating them easier.

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