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Mandatory bragging post (tree finished, level 25), and some questions about future

Hi fellow Duolingers,

4 months ago I finished German tree. I didn't posted "tree completed" thread then, so I am doing it now, because I also reached level 25.

My tree is golden, and I haven't seen non-golden skill for probably more then month. Fluency percentage is 59%, which seems OK and typical for Duolingo.

But now, as I reached maximum that Duo can offer, I need more in order to progress with my German language.

So, is there any word on some tree expansion in near future? Or "Stories" feature for German language? I need something like that in order to keep my self interested for Duolingo. Already I dropped my daily target from 50 to 10XP, and I am afraid I am going to soon completely lose interest in Duolingo if something new doesn't shows up.

On the bright side, my German is really progressing, I am already reading some simple books on German language and actually managing to communicate with people, more confident each day.

September 5, 2017




I would say, continue reading books in German and communicating, that helps more than the Duo tree. I also like watching Youtube videos in German, and listening to German songs.

On Duolingo, you could try the "reverse tree" : English for German speakers.


In addition to this comment, the "reverse tree" requires that you use the German language much more often, as it will be used as the interface.


Well I will think about it. One thing I find unattractive in that idea, is that I would start from the very beginning, from "You drink water" and "I am a boy", while I am at the moment at significantly higher level.


Not necessarily, take the placement test ;)

That'll also give you an idea of how much you've grasped so far!


Thanks. I am watching TV on German language regularly, and understanding more and more. But reading I found as the best method at the moment, as I am able to do it in my own pace, and to check unknown words.


If you want a good TV show to watch in German, i'd recommend Tatort.

It's a legendary German show, my friend gave me the hint about it, I watch it with English subtitles at the moment, but will soon switch to German subtitles.

It's a really good Police drama and there's lots of episodes on YouTube.

Beware sometimes the subtitles aren't 100% but it's certainly improved my German, even on days when I don't have the energy or will to learn much.

Good luck!


Congrats on finishing your tree.

I need something like that in order to keep my self interested for Duolingo.

Here is the link to a discussion with useful tips.
"Further guidence in German"


Ausgezeichnet! A hearty congratulations on your progress in German. Others have mentioned the Reverse German Tree, and I have to say, that for me, it was a welcome addition to my German learning. There are various words and sentences that differ from the German Tree which add additional exposure to the language. Also, as someone has mentioned, it provides a chance to see how much you have learned. Several other resources: www.memrise.com, www.clozemaster.com, www.lingvist.com. www.mondlylanguages.com and www.dw.com. I wanted to give a list of my favorite additional German learning resources. Best wishes. :)



Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


An apology.
Sorry for potentially spamming, but as you spoke about Duolingo Stories, I thought I would mention mine.

It's not very interactive (at all) or very good :P but you can give it a go :)


From reading posts here, I see there is a lot of people studying language only on duolingo. And many of them asks what do after tree is finished. For me it is very different. Duoling is only bonus to everything else I do in order to learn language. Guys, there is a lot of amazing pages, apps, podcasts and so many other great things to use. Just google it :)


Ja, doch!

That's the important part - start working on using your skills off Duolingo.

There are so many options - Movies and TV shows on Youtube, Netflix and other streaming services.
- Co-workers who may speak the language - Conversation groups - which you can find in some larger cities. - Many TV networks stream their programming online; watching their material can be great practice.

I minored in German in college, years before the Internet. I found German co-workers, movies, the occasional German cable network. Today, I read German newspapers (Frankfurter Allgemeine in particular), German movies ("Er Ist Wieder Da" and "Bornholmer Strasse" have been fun lately) and everything else I can find.




Hi, thanks to both of you (Cat-ka and MitchellBe658308) for your input.

I have already stated in this thread that I am reading German books, interacting with people on German language on daily basis, and watching German TV stations. List goes further, for example for basic levels I used to participate in classroom course, also now I am listening to German radio station every day in car when I am driving to work, etc. Other participants in discussion have also given similar advices, so I do not find a lot of people "studying language only on Duolingo", at least not on this thread.

To clarify, my question was not "what should I do now", it is strictly related to Duolingo and potential upcoming features for more advanced learners, because I find Duolingo very nice platform for learning language, I invested some time in it, so it would make me happy if I see some more advanced learning tools in Duolingo. That was my question all about, and I apologize if i wasn't clear enough.

Thanks, and all the best.


Hey :) I didnt want to offend you. I only wanted to highlight there are other sources for people doesnt use anything else. All other things you do are great ! So keep up the good work ! :)


No offense taken, sorry if sounded like that. I just wanted to clarify my questions :)




Gut gemacht - Weiter so


My recommendation is to use Duolingo Web version (the Mobile version is too easy in my humble opinion) and "Strengthen Skills" feature. I try to use it everyday: 5-6 round a day (50XP) and it works quite fine for me. I use "Practice without a timer" option because the other one ("Timed practice") is hardly useful in case of German language (at least for me - it gives me only frustration instead of any additional value).

There are still many words and/or phrases which I'm forgetting and "Strengthen skills" helps me remember them (although my tree is all golden) and keep the iterest for Duolingo. If you are able to answer correctly all 20 "Strengthen Skills" questions 5 times in a row - you can start looking for another challenge.

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