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Streak Broken :( can I use streak freeze retrospectively?

So yesterday I broke my streak, I know I can spend 10 lingots on a streak freeze but will this be applied to yesterday or will it only allow me to take a break today?


September 5, 2017



No, streak freezes don't work retrospetively. The only option to restore a streak is to buy a streak repair in the app, though that costs money.


Hi. I buy a streak freeze today. And if i want to continue my lesson, will my streak freeze will be use or not? And tomorrow i still have a streak freeze? Because i don't want to lose them. Thank you


Streak Freezes are some kind of "insurance". If you buy it, it will stay there until you actually miss one day. You can use a "streak repair", but it costs money. After that consider equipping a Streak Freeze so that it doesn't happen again.


Thanks for the replies. Yes I can confirm they do not work retrospectively - streak history lost :( I use the windows phone app and there is no option to buy a streak repair in that app, there does not seem to be this option on the website either.

My bad, lesson learned and have now signed up for streak break in case it happens again.

Thanks again.


I believe streak repair is only available for android and ios. Though in the end it is just a number and in my opinion hardly worth any money.

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I have the IOS app and have never seen anything like a streak repair to fix the problem retroactively. It would be good to know where in the app one can find that...

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