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Discouragement and ideas for contest makers...

Just joking, but I wanna know something. Why don't people encourage contests in duolingo? Why?

I love organising contests, but when I organised one, all the response I got was 6 to 7 downvotes until the last time I saw that post....

What if we had a forum page for people who love contests and could subscribe for those? People who don't like it may not subscribe....it's their wish anyway!

If duolingo could do this help for me, I would be grateful! (Duolingo mentions you guys only!)

Let seeeee your response and I am really excited what response you guys would give and may be I could could even get more ideas than ever!

Thanks in advance!

PLEASE tell me if I had posted the discussion in the wrong forum page.

September 5, 2017



Do you have the Duolingo app? You could join or form a club there. Each club ranks everyone in it by their xp points and announces a winner each week. Each club is for a specific language, so if you made a club for Spanish, only Spanish xp would count for it, and so on. Once you set up the club, there's a club code that others can enter in in order to join the club. It's probably the closest thing to a contest I can think of.


I know that, but people join clubs and I have joined one. But there's nothing in I think but there's few or not online people. That she why I requested and anyway can u tell me whether I have posted this discussion in the right forum?


Can you please choose a title that reflects the content of your discussion next time please. That shouldn't be too hard and the last thing the forums need are only posts like: I wanna know!/Tell me/Have a look etc..

Regarding XP contests. Users are allowed to have 1 XP contest per calendar month. Downvotes often happen when there are either a lot of XP contests or the way the XP contest is organised is somewhat poor, e.g. no clear start/end date and time, no clear structure etc..


Thank you! I will change my title.


Perhaps create a title that immediately makes the purpose of your discussion clear: Why not? does not really do that.

The discussion is about XP contests and you are wondering why people don't encourage them. So make the title relfect that.


OK, then I have to think about it....


Perhaps this is better....


Thanks El2theK! I have a question for you. How do I make my decks popular in Tinycards?

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