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"Solo lui ha una visione diversa."

Translation:Only he has a different view.

March 31, 2014



He alone sounds more natural in English


Report, please! ( I did)


In the last exercise I translated "visioni" has "views" and lost a heart, because the correct was "ideas". Now I translated "visione" has "idea" and freaking lost a heart again, because the correct was "vision".

Please, help...


You have to report these things; the moderators do not cruise the discussions, rather they react to reportings. As we report the errors and inflexible translations, they will review them and consider, and then fix them and add more translations. I know it seems to be quite inefficient, if you ask me ... but it is a free way to learn a language, so I guess they can implement it any way they want. Me, I would have a database generator that did
(he, she, it) (slept, rested, reclined) on the (sofa, divan) ...
and then enter in at least the generally accepted ones from the creation of the new sentence. Unfortunately, I do not think this is what happens. I think they germinate a sentence with only a few possible examples, then add in a lot of stuff later. Perhaps next year these sentences will be much more flexible for the next generation of learners.

But I hear and share your frustration ;-)


Still not accepted and reported 29/3/2016.


Solo lui ha = Only he has
una visione = a vision/view/sight/point of view
diversa = different/other

But then perhaps in some cases idea can be used as a synonym to vision?


In this context would "perspective" be acceptable in place of "view"?


So, could "visione" be "opinion" here or elsewhere?


that's what i thought, but was marked wrong...


What's wrong with 'only him has different vision'?


Veeayt - "only him has" is the problem there. "only he has" would be fine, although without saying "a" vision, it would like HaroldWonh says mean that his eyesight was different, not his view of the world/project/company's goals. As far as grammar rules... short answer, "he" is subject, "him" is object - so you need to use "he" in this case.


That's just bad English, I'm afraid. Unfortunately I don't know the rules of grammar well enough to explain why!


What's wrong is the very same thing that is wrong with "It is him". In the near future, your sentence will be accepted, because the concept of nominative versus objective case is being rejected and forgotten. And Duolingo is enabling this.


"Only him" wouldn't be correct since "him have a different..." would be wrong.


He's a different vision: thus translates Duolingo!!! He's?????!!!!! Wha?


"He's" is a contraction of "He is" and not "He has".


I translated "visione" as "aspect". I am wondering is it really wrong as DL said?


What is wrong with "he just has a different view"


"A different view" can easily be interpreted as "a different point of view" which in turn equates to "a different opinion." This would be a valid interpretion. Since this is only one interpretation of a sentence that can have several interpretations, additional information would be helpful. Was it "a different view" on a topic or a "different view" of an object or location?


That is really quibbling


Only he is wrong at least in British English

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