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Lost my streak

I lost my streak for the second time, eventhough i didn't skip a day. I did use my tablet the day before and the next day my laptop. But that is normally no problem, since i login in my account. Anyway, i don't care too much about the streaks, but i thought it's worth to report it for people who DO care about it.

September 5, 2017



Your daily goal is 50 xp. Yesterday you didn't reach that goal, or you used the app and it failed to sync fully with the website.


I reached my daily goal, so i suppose it was the sync.


Sorry you lost your streak.

Here's my standard advice on keeping a streak:

You need to make sure your XP is registered each day, if you want to ensure that your streak continues. Completing a lesson each day is not sufficient because you may have had connectivity issues with the Duolingo servers, or you may have closed the app or web page before the XP could register.

To double-check that my XP was registered, I refresh the Duolingo web site after using it or the app. The two things I check are that the flame icon has the check mark on it and my streak number has increased as expected.

Solo valga la pena si la racha le importa suficiente :)


Oh, thank you! I will do that from now on :)

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