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Thank you and congrats to the team of volunteers who created this course!

Thank you and congrats to the team of volunteers who created this course!

September 5, 2017



Thank you nueby, kacenka, pavelprague, valaCZE, marquisedebat, jantatouse, and Iva818387 for this awesome course! I'm only level two already, and it's just so awesome! We all appreciate your hard work on this amazing course! Dekuji!


Yes, they have done a steady weekly progress, and as tiramisues says it looks like a great course. They're an example for future teams, I think. Personally, I'm looking forward to have enough time, someday, to start learning (seriously) such an interesting language.

Dekuji to the team! Ahoj czech!


I was waiting for this course for months and now that is out I have to say is one of the best made from the ones I've tried! Congrats!


Seconded! Děkují vám a gratulace! (I hope that's right, it's an educated guess)


Almost, almost right :-) Precise is "Děkuji vám a gratulace". Short i at the end of "děkuji vám" (="I thank you")... "Děkují vám" (with the í) means "they thank you". Sorry for nit-picking :-)


Of course! I hadn't done any of the lessons yet at that point. ;) Thank you! Being a perfectionist myself, I like people to be nitpicky when correcting me. :)


Yes, thank you Team Czech! Even though Slavic languages aren't really my cup of tea (sorry!), I want to finish this tree, mainly because I want to know what the last skill is!


If someone leaks it, will it work to save your labor for something else?


Actually, I'm not sure now. Now that I've finished a few skills, I'm quite liking Czech. After this, I just might give Slavic languages another look.


Thanks, Team Czech! The course is very well made!


thank you so much for this; I completely fell in love with this beautiful country while travelling with my orchestra and I'm so happy this is here! such a gorgeous, under-rated language


I love how extensive the notes seem to be! Looks like a great course!


Thanks! Just don't rush--I am only writing the Demonstratives now. :-)


Don't stress yourself! It's great - and I'm not that fast. :D


Eh eh, now I'm happy that I'm much slower than my boyfriend, who's been rushing ahead but has come upon skills without tips and notes.

Thank you for the great job you're doing!

[deactivated user]

    Great job, guys! ❤︎


    Thank you so much to all the contributors! (Especially nueby) This course is fantastic, and I can't wait to do more of it!


    Great job! The Czech course is great!


    It has been 2 years now since I started using this course. I have learned a lot. Thanks so much to the creators and contributors.


    Thank you! I've been looking forward to this language being released for a while now. It looks like it's a great, detailed course and I can't wait to explore the language.

    [deactivated user]

      Good job Neubs ;)


      If someone might have missed my posting in the DuoLingo sub-forum and HelpfulDuo Czech announcement thread, I am trying to re-link it in those new sticky / up-voted / more replies threads from the Czech sub-forum:

      HOWTO enable TTS audio for EN-CZ questions on L2 target language right hand side answers/solutions with the installation of Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24321450$comment_id=24324257

      This works for me on Windows and Firefox web browser.


      Thank you for this wonderful course, I've been following the Czech incubator thread since February of this year and now that it's finally released, I'm excited to start learning another language so I can speak with Czech people when I visit Czech Republic, although, I've been told they speak English there too! =D


      Dekuij! Miluji tento kurz!


      It took a long time but it's finally released! I'm a native speaker with good English (I hope most of the time) but my problem that I always get exited about Duolingo for a week or month, but then I abandon it for even more weeks or months so my work ethic is too inconsisntent to be a contributor. However, I'm going to take the course anyway to see how well-made it is and to help Czech learners! It will be a pain, but you all can do it!


      Aaah I was searching for a place to say thank you ! I'm following the updates since january, was a long waiting summer but finally it is here and it's great :D Than you very much !!


      Thank you very much to all the developers of this czech course, great job!


      Thanks for creating the course, really good so far.


      As a child of a Czech expat, thank you! Can't wait to explore this course.


      Thank you so much Czech Team for this course! Great job!! Have been looking forward to learn Czech :-) Na zdraví ! (I hope this means Cheers!)


      Thank you so much for this course I was waiting for it for so long until you brought it to life!!! Thanks a lot!


      So I am not sure of the official start day of the course but for me it has now been a year. I have not missed more than a day or two due to traveling across time zones. I want to say thanks to all the creators. It is a great course. I have been challenged and frustrated at times but have learned lots!!!!


      official start day of the course



      The course is absolutely brilliant. Miluji češtinu. Pozdrav z Polska.


      Thank you to all of you who made something for the course! Really enjoy it although it´s quite tricky sometimes ;) I dont know who can see it but I am rather often reporting "wrong answers", mainly when the english word order is not accepted (but when it does not sound that bad imo)...just think that a translation should not fail due to english word order as many are maybe not native speakers (Czech of course needs to be correct as we are here to study for that ;) ) so thanks another time and just wanted to explain why i am reporting "wrong" answers


      We do have native English speakers on the team. If something does not sound right in English, especially to them, we cannot accept it. I understand what you are saying about third-language natives taking this course, but I can also tell you many Czech speakers are taking it in reverse to learn English.


      This course continues to get better and better. Thanks to all the volunteers. I'm a fan of Duolingo and I'm really grateful we have one for Czech.


      Thanks to the creators for all the hard work. I've been looking forward to this course to be released :)


      Díky! Thank you! It seems to be a challenging course. I can just wonder all the hard work you guys had doing it, and the best way I have to show you my appreciation is making the most of it (:


      Just want to join to all the wishers and say thank you for this wonderful language course. I am a native Ukrainian and Russian speaker and i want to learn more Slavic languages. I wondered why this course has been postponing so long, but now i see that there's a solid amount of exercises so i'm looking forward to pass them all!

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