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Will The Accented Characters Be Out Soon?

Hey, I'm very glad to be starting Czech, it's great to get into a course the moment it's released! Thanks so much, I'm sure it's going to be fantastic!

One query I had was, when will the accented characters be added? I'm fine with using a Czech keyboard for now, but I think it'd be easier to have the extra characters there to click.

Thanks a lot, děkuji!

Edit: They're here!

September 5, 2017



I agree that the accent characters would be nice. Keyboard is handy if you plan to do the reverse course though.


Was just about to ask this... I do a lot of these lessons on a computer that has no easy way of typing haceks (see, that c is missing it), and would like to be able to include them. When I did the Esperanto course, there were buttons you could click on to enter the letters with circumflexes.

For other people coming here and looking for advice on how to type a hacek, my Android phone lets you type them by holding the letter down, and on my Mac, you press Option+V and then the letter that the hacek goes on.


Follow-up: they were there when I did my lesson today. All the háček-ed letters, plus the acute accents, and the ů. There was also an up-arrow; I wasn't sure what that was for. Very convenient to have all these letters clickable now!


For anyone using a German (QWERTZ) keyboard, I can recommend the "Europatastatur 2.0" keyboard layout. I have yet to come across a diacritic not on there.


I am afraid this is not a question to be asked here. The contributors have 0 power over technical functionality of the system....

The only advice we can give you is to install a Czech keyboard on whatever device you are using (I recommend the QWERTY version of CZ keyboard) and learn to use that.


It's okay, they're out now so it's fine! Thanks anyway!

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