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Czech for English Speakers!

Thanks to the efforts of another amazing team of contributors, the Duolingo Czech for English speakers course is now available on web. Gratulace!

You can now start learning Czech and share your feedback to help polish it even more.

Let us know what you think :)

September 5, 2017



Thanks for releasing this course! It's amazing and thank you to the contributors! Czech will help me learn other Slavic languages.


HelpfulDuo, some users are unable to get any audio: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24322144. Would you please have a look? TIA!


I have also been unable to get audio on all of my mac devices. Seems to be a Safari issue, I am going to try Firefox on my mac now. EDIT Firefox on mac works


Thanks to the contributors for making this happen! Duolingo HQ, I can't wait to see the diacritics get added.


Thanks to the whole team of contributors! The Czech course is amazing!


It's great the course was finally released! Even though I'm a native speaker, I'm going to take the course and try to help others and/or point out mistakes and possible translations.


If someone might have missed my posting in the DuoLingo sub-forum and HelpfulDuo Czech announcement thread:

HOWTO enable TTS audio for EN-CZ questions on L2 target language right hand side answers/solutions with the installation of Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24321450$comment_id=24324257

This works for me on Windows and Firefox web browser.


YESSSS!!! I love Czech, Russian, Croatian & Polish!! Dekuji duolingo :)


Thank you! Does it known, when this course will be available through app?


It's available already...sort of.

I can get into it on Android, but only for strengthening skills and NOT for doing new lessons. Here's what I did:

  • I opened the app--which was set on Spanish From English--then went into my browser (desktop) and change the course to Czech.

  • I tapped the barbell (strengthening) icon on the app, and it took me to a Czech lesson rather than Spanish. The Czech lesson had full functionality--sound, underlining for definitions, multiple-choice, etc.

  • However, this only works once, so you would have to repeat the above process for each time you wanted to do Czech on the app. Almost more trouble than it's worth, but it's a usable workaround until Czech is available for the app.

I did essentially the same thing for Romanian before it was released for the app, but it worked a lot better until the DL developers seemed to close a loophole or two: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20417807


Until the Android App is live, I access it on my phone through my chrome browser and just use the web version. The formatting seems fine and it works almost as well.


Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to this. My father was born in CZS in 1950 and migrated to the US in '69 and I've always wanted to learn Czech or Slovak. This is a fantastic opportunity to finally do so. Thank you again!!!


Other cool free online courses: Czech: mluvtecesky.net Slovak: slovake.eu


I'll have to check those out, thank you!


Today I received an email from Duolingo:

>> " You’re on fire. Continue your 160 day Czech streak on Duolingo "

Hmm, ano, thanks and all, but ... I'm afraid my "streak" is not really a "Czech streak", y'know?

Where do I report this bug to Duo?


The TTS engine sounds a bit awkward at times, but as far as the layout is concerned, this might be the best Duolingo course yet.


Dear contributors, the course is awesome, thank you! I have a tiny problem in exercises where I have to type translation of a word: the button "check"doesn't get green after I type my translation, and the button "skip"doesn't allow me to skip it or report this problem. I'm kind of blocked, although I really want to continue with other exercises. Could you please tell me how to deal with it? Thanks in advance!


I believe this should be fixed now. It is at least for me.


Yes, fixed for me today too. Thanks!


Někdo bydlí v Praze?


I'm only curious how many Czech learners actually live in Prague. My wife and I usually study at CZLT.


Awesome! I've been waiting for over a year for this course but it was worth the wait. Thanks!


Thank you very much :D I was waiting for this course and it's going to be great to know some basics of Czech :) As a native Polish speaker, with Russian on a nice level, I really like slavic languages and I'm very happy that now, I can start learning another one of them


Does someone knows where I can save words for further learning? some online platform or something?


Memrise and Duolingo's own TinyCards of course


Thanks, I love Duolingo!!!


Thank you so much. I have been waiting years for a decent online Czech language course. Really excited!


Hello... this is an awesome course and I personally want to thank the contributors for their good job. I just cant wait for it to get to the app... I am just starting to learn Czech!! But at the moment I do not get the audio so it is kind of frustrating because I would like to learn the pronunciation of words. Is there a way to solve this? And does anyone know when this course will finally get to the app? Been waiting quite a while.. lol


Hi, I think it's a bit bold to claim that Czech is mutually intelligible with Slovak. It's all too typical for a larger language to try to swallow it's smaller neighbors, especially when they have a complicated political history. It would be unacceptable for Russian to claim to be mutually intelligible with Ukrainian and I think the same goes for Czech. Why can't the brief description of the language course stick to describing Czech without trying to claim territory belonging to another language?


Well, the Czech language did not write the description. The English original was written by someone employed or contracted by Duolingo, and I suspect they repeated information from some other English-language source. Various teams then translated that description from English to other languages, trying to remain faithful to the meaning. Sorry, no Czech language conspiracy to subjugate its smaller neighbor.

As for the claim of the mutual intelligibility itself, I would not have made it. Not because I would be afraid that by making it I would become a tool for the hostile takeover by my language of the Slovak world. But in this context it is something of a false advertisement. Our target students will not be able to get much out of any resemblances between the two languages. To benefit, one needs to reach a rather high level of competency in one of these languages. Natives on both sides certainly can benefit from their passive comprehension of the other language because they do have a high degree of mutual intelligibility. Our course of English for Czech speakers has many Slovak users. And even they often complain that we do not accept Slovak words when those differ from the Czech ones. (No, we do not think that Slovak is attempting to enslave us, but still we refuse.)

There was some interesting work on the mutual intelligibility of West and South Slavics you might enjoy reading: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11185-015-9150-9


Thank you for your sincere and thoughtful response. You actually touched on some issues that I had not considered. All this being taken into consideration, do you think the Czech team could petition Duolingo to change the description of Czech? Certainly there are more interesting things that could be said about the language in those limited 4 or 5 sentences. I'm most familiar with East Slavic languages, but am ever curious and will check out the material you provided.


The authors of that paper did explain that East Slavics would have been interesting to include (and I very much agree), but their funding came from the EU, and there is no East Slavic EU member (yet, if I try for optimism).

I usually show my gloomy Czech side when it comes to expecting petitions to move the minds in Pittsburgh. But I think in this case they might actually agree. That does not mean that they will do anything about it, but it could be worth a try.


I am a very happy learner in this course! It is obvious that a lot of effort was put into its construction, to make the language accessible, and in small enough chunks so as not to overwhelm the learner. Thank you! Also, the Moderators give helpful, prompt replies. I rave about this course to all my friends! A suggestion: Being a native English speaker I really had NO idea about "cases". I thought that the entire sentence would be in one case. So my suggestion is to explain that each word is in its case, and that the case let's you know how the word is being used in the sentence, and hence the meaning of the whole sentence. Certainly a linguist would do a better job of explaining that, but I hope you get my point. This would ideally happen in a Tips section early in the tree.


I have just completed a 361 day streak with this Czech course and look forward to completing it. It has taught me a lot and I congratulate the team that produced it. I have tried other courses (Spanish, Italian, Latin, German) but have to say that the Czech moderators are easily the BEST! They are very quick to respond and always have helpful comments.

I have one major criticism. The error-checking on audio questions (type what you hear) is almost non-existent. Many answers which are wildly inaccurate are marked as correct. It looks like they have a policy of ignoring missing accents and typos. But accents are VITAL in Czech and can totally change the meaning of a word. One example of a totally WRONG answer being marked as correct - ceka tady nedi dite - (should be čeká tady něčí ditě) Until these answers are properly marked, I cannot give this course anything near full marks.

The moderators say they can do nothing about this problem. I have raised it as a bug report but never get any feedback. Shame!


Is anyone up for language exchange through whatsapp? I will ask Czech questions in exchange of Italian, English, French, Arabic, or Hebrew

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