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  5. "velký František"

"velký František"

Translation:big František

September 5, 2017



Is this a name of a person? I can't find a translation


yep, english variant would be Francis


For everyone not knowing its a name: read the hint and tips section. It says there will be two names to practice with, and not to translate them into english sounding names.


I had to do some googling and found that it is the Czech equivalent of Fransiscus. In the Czech Republic it is ranked #27 as a name. It was very popular in the first part of the 20th century. https://www.behindthename.com/name/frantis18ek


A Czech native speaker told me that Frantisek is also used by young boys to refer to their genitalia. So, perhaps, slang is also being taught here without us knowing :D


That's almost correct, i think. More frequent is "Frantík", because it is usually used as euphemism for baby boy's genital. I think it comes from historical spa city in Czech republic called Františkovy Lázně. There is a story or legend about local "statue of František". It is said that any woman who touches the statue of the František will soon be in the family way. (The statue, by the way, represents nude young boy sitting on a sphere and holding a fish in his hand) Guess which part of his body is shining most? Yes, it is his "Frantík". :-) Final note: These euphemisms are pretty vernacular, so it's perfectly possible that people in nearby region never heard this "story about frantík's origin".


Never heard of it.


However - seen that František seems to be a name many famous people carry - what is a 'big František'? Is it while talking about s.o. ? Like: I've seen big Joe going to the bar the other day.


František that apparently ate a lot. No double meaning


There are many Františeks, so when one needs to distinguish between them, you've got big František, little František, crazy František...


Is it possible that an English version of this name can be in the translation? It seems to correlate to Francis.



It's asked in the tips and hints section not to translate the names into English names so that people don't spam the volunteers with a bunch of different translations of the name.


can it be "great"?


Well it actually could as Great Brittain is also translated as Velká Británie. There is also another word for great in czech "Velkolepý" in the meaning of importance and intense influence and "Výborný" in the meaning of astonishing quallity. It could also be tall František. While tall is something different than big and even czech have word for tall different from "velký", which is "vysoký" it is also often used when talking about something which is tall or big overall and tall also.

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