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Czech for English speakers now in Beta!

Thanks to the efforts of another amazing team of contributors, the Duolingo Czech for English speakers course is now available on web. Gratulace!

You can now start learning Czech and share your feedback to help polish it even more.

Let us know what you think :)

September 5, 2017



Why would we help Polish the Czech course? They are different languages Duo!


Lol man... Awesome pun. A lingot for you. :)


Thought exactly this when I saw that word there. haha


That pun with Polish was brilliant!


I usually don't give lingots on comments, but that was way too good. You earned it!


WHOO HOO!!! Congrats to the Czech team for this milestone. Yet another great language. :)


Now the next language that needs to get out of beta: KLINGON Although I am not a Star Trek fan, this would be amazing to have.


Or maybe even... Minionese?!?


If so, I would cry with fear for humanity :D


Jk, jk. Terrible idea. I hate Minions ever since their stupid solo film.


Most of the minion language is Spanish though.


Minionese is a mix of other languages, though. So Minionese would be kinda like Esperanto, except for that they are way too different.


Please add the diacritics soon :]


If you guys are anything like me then you probably want to type everything correctly.

I am just using http://czech.typeit.org/ until the diacritics are added


Czech on Smart Keyboard Pro on Android works just like my other languages. Very well.


I can see them already


Finally! As I expected, it looks like one of the best courses on Duolingo. It's clear that the contributors put a lot of work into building it. Congratulations to Team Czech, you did a great job :)


Don't you just love those first few skills, where you level up every other exercise? :-D

Thanks to Team Czech for all their hard work. I'm already enjoying the detailed notes and the fact that the course is divided into sensible, manageable blocks.


Is it my imagination, or is the voice the exact same as in the Google translate voice? I've listened to several words both on Duo and in Google translate, and I swear it's the exact same voice!


If it is TTS, that is quite possible. It's the same companies that license the voices to everyone.


@jimnicholson Nice streak! Congrats!


Thanks! Supposed to be very lucky - some sort of gambling thing!?


Yeah, live voices would be better, in due course. Italian set the standard for clarity, in my opinion. Though the recent add-ons have some garbled sounds.


Oh dear, I still haven't recaptcha'd the Dutch owl, and the Korean tree will still take a while, and then the reverse Korean, and now Czech.... so many trees, so little time!
... Yay!!! :-D


At least you got to do "Korean for English speakers" in Alpha.. I missed the chance... (ಥ﹏ಥ)


finally, its the course that i was waiting for a long time, thanks for all the partners that help to mak this possible


I've been following the course for a while. I was quite happy when the 'start course' button was enabled! So much effort and devotion... Congrats!


Yay! I am very excited to start learning this language! Great work, Czech team! :D


So excited to finally be working on this course. I decided not to test out of any levels, and I learned plenty. It is well organized.


Thanks. Loving it.


Thank you so so much for releasing this and huge kudos to the contributors!

My dad is from the Czech Republic and my mum is from Slovakia. I was born in Germany and they refused to raise me bilingual because they thought it was fun to speak in a language I couldn't understand (they always say they did it because they feared that I might speak German with an accent if they taught me Czech as well...but I know many people who were raised bilingual with Turkish or Russian for example and they don't have an accent). So I can't understand my other relatives which kinda sucks... I mean, sure, I snatched up a lot over the years and got a basic understanding from listening to them but I don't feel confident enough to speak or write Czech.

So thank you very very much again for giving me the chance to learn the language of my ancestors! :)


I wonder what would your language be if you were raised in Czech and Slovakian simultaniously... True Czechoslovakian :-)


Heh, actually that's kind of what my mum is doing :) Since she was 9 years old when they moved from Slovakia to Germany, she doesn't speak with other Slovaks very often. So she has adopted some kind of mix between the Slovakian she grew up with and some Czech words she learned from my dad.


After months of long waiting, the Czech course is finally learnable here on Duolingo - let's see if all that long waiting has paid off.


Already really enjoying the course. The notes are great and just so excited it's here!


Wonderful! I will try it out right now! Thanks to all the amazing contributors!


I've started already! Looks like it's going to be a great course, once again. Hurrah for Duo's amazing course contributors!!


Amazing :-)

So many courses to try, so little time :-(

I will make this one my next target, because it's clear from the effort that's gone into structuring it that it must surely be one of the best!


Great job! Btw,tbh Czech reminds me a lot of Polish so far.


Well, they are both West Slavic languages after all


ummm... no Audio on Safari/Mac? only "ping" for right/wrong answer.... can't do any lesson, test-out, or placement-test. Too bad.


I cannot get the sound in the placement test to play.


I switched from safari to chrome and the sound is working great.


What's the quality of the TTS audio like? Comparable to Spanish, French, German and etc. or not even close?


I've only just started, but thus far, it seems great. Definitely comparable to German and Spanish.


Audio is not working!


Well done, Duolingo. Keep up the good work


Ahhh Duolingo is like the gift that keeps on giving!


Thank you very much for your hard work. Have been looking forward to this.


Excited to start Czech! Děkuji!


Thanks for giving the world the chance to learn the awesome Czech language! Great job Team Czech!


Yes! Thank you Czech team, getting started right now!


Hurray. That's 1 of 3 languages I've been waiting this year.


Thank you so much for this. I have been waiting for this course for months!


Don't want to be grumpy, but the sound - frustration for me :'( It sounds so unreal, robot like :'( But the tree seems to be well organised, comprehensive and juicy :)

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The word 'robot' is a Czech loanword so that would make sense...


Haha yep, it was introduced by Karel Capek, a Czech writer



I want to strongly advise everyone starting this normal/forward course to install and active Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19654789/Userscript-Tree-Enhancer

With it you can additionally (auto-)play TTS (L2) Czech audio for answers/solutions on right hand side L1 English-L2 Czech translations, which even the new DuoLingo (rewritten Scala) portal does NOT already provide out-of-the-box.

I tested it for Czech (standard TTS order configured including google) and it works as good, just like it does for my forward English-Portuguese tree.

Just find the "normal tree" tree enhancer button in the top right of your tree - besides the "Lingot store" button:

"Normal tree configuration button"

This is the default forward tree configuration, which enables the 2nd (Czech) audio:

"Camilo's tree enhancer configuration screen to play L2 Czech audio for EN-CZ translations"

What the "Check spelling" option does in the configuration below, please ask Camilo in his above linked script thread :-) I am curious.

Have fun!


Ah! It was updated to the new website! Thanks for linking it! I was trying to find it but I failed miserably.




Is there any time frame on when this course will be available on the app please? Thank you


So, it's already 7 month in beta stage. Any updates?


That's just great! Btw does any of you know how to have Czech on Android app? (I've already subscribed to the course, can learn using browser but there is no trace of it in my app...).


Most beta courses launch on the web first (Japanese etc being exceptions)

Though it might get added if new app versions come out for Korean. I recommend checking the relevant app store when that happens.


It has only been released on the web version so far


Well done to the Czech team! I've been looking forward to this tree for what seems like years. Can't wait to get started!


I am beyond excited for this course and can't wait to spend hours upon hours on this in the coming weeks. A HUGE thank you to the Czech Team for getting this together and for Duolingo for being a language-learner's dream. This is officially the best thing since sliced bread.


Hi. I can't hear any of the audio. Haven't had any problem with any of the other languages. Why is that?


Has any one else gotten stuck on test 2 of the animals module? I get to the part where it shows pictures of mice and says to type the translation in Czech, I type in the answer but the 'Check' button does not activate so I can not click on it to move on with the test.


I am getting stuck in the same way on Lesson 6 of Food. I tried quitting and restarting, then I tried skipping, but I can't continue with the module.


I get stuck on the exact same question on both the PC and on the web with an Android phone. It's still a great course though. I submitted a bug report to Duolingo and am waiting for a reply.


I can't enter 'Adverbs' section in my browser (firefox), it immediately goes back to the home page.


Now I can enter but the section is empty.


Hey guys, I have to first say that I am so glad you are putting this together- I live in CR now and need to learn the language ASAP, so every little bit helps. However, in addition to the cases/declensions and genders (which are beyond alien to native english speakers) I really do not understand the demonstrative determiner pronouns AT ALL most of the time (these, this, that etc)- there are so many possibilites and they all depend on the gender plurality etc. It is great that you can click to see the various options for how to say each in the exercises, but I am always left scratching my head as to why which one goes with what. If you have the option to include a section on these, it would do wonders to help native english speakers like me avoid sounding like idiots :)


Awesome that they added this language. A Slavic language that uses the latin alphabet. Now they need to add Croatian or Serbian


Dictionary, anyone? I cannot find an online/offline Czech-English dictionary with verb conjugations and usage examples. (I use DIC-o and Collins Mini Gem, on a Nexus Android tablet. For my 3 other languages, I find Collins-Ultralingua particularly useful.)

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