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Option to turn off hearts?

Hey guys, I know we all hate hearts, right? So I had this (in my opinion) genius idea: an option to have hearts on or off! But that brings up a problem: no-one would use hearts if this option was added. But if you had hearts on, you'd get double lingots or something. So whaddya guys think? Comment below and up vote if you agree! Until next time: -LeiferB

September 5, 2017



The health meter is so stupid. It literally punishes you by making you quit if you get five answers wrong. That is not how people learn anything.

I have no choice but to tap on the underlined word every single time for fear you don't get it. Before it would take me three times as long to get through some lessons because I would keep getting a couple words wrong but refuse to tap on the definition, so eventually I learned some of the harder words.

Now if you get 5 answers wrong you either get banned from lessons for like 12 hours or get stuck doing 30 minutes of lessons just to start over? That's so stupid. Not to mention 80% of the time I get something wrong it was just a typo.

When you're in a classroom and you get a couple answers wrong the teacher doesn't kick you out of the room and say come back tomorrow.

Whoever came up with this is an idiot. Whoever approved it is an even bigger idiot.


the health system on the iphone is crap and I hate it. It never appeared on my iphone until the crown system a few days ago !!


Can you confirm if you mean Hearts or Health? A lot of new users have these confused.

Health is the thing with Gems, that some app users have. It uses a heart symbol with bars around it, and you will lose one bar with each error you make.

Hearts is what you get when testing out (or using a shortcut or a placement test). This is on all platforms, including web. You will have three heart symbols, and you will lose one heart with each error you make.


Thanks for clarifying.


I am about to quit Duolingo for good because they are so stupid. I really don't need to get punished for missing a letter, just redoing that question is more than enough.

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