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  5. "Jsme malí kluci."

"Jsme malí kluci."

Translation:We are little boys.

September 5, 2017



Why isn't it ''My jsme mali kluci''?


Pronouns are not required in Czech. Most of the time using them adds emphasis, like "They are little girls but we are little boys."


Thank you so much!


Tips and notes?


Can "we are young boys" be accepted? ...that's the usual meaning of the sentence in czech


With "young," the Czech sentence would be "Jsme MLADÍ kluci."


I answered small boys and it was flagged as error. The correct answer was given as little boys


If you're saying that your answer should be accepted, please use the report button in the lesson for this purpose rather than the discussions. If you aren't, could you be a bit more explicit what your question is when you post? Otherwise we don't know how to answer it.

"We are small boys" is actually already accepted here, so most likely you had a small error (common examples are "smal" and "bot"), but since you didn't report with the button we can't see what your exact answer was to see what might have been wrong (or if Duo had a bug).

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